Your April 2024 Love Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

By Valerie Mesa

Spring is blossoming, and the sun’s journey through Aries brings spontaneity and excitement to your romantic pursuits. Love planet Venus will make a ravishing debut in Aries on the 5th, spicing things up in your dating life, while adding a bold and adventurous flair to your relationships. The key is to remain open to the exciting possibilities, as the solar eclipse on the 8th could lead to experiences that are as romantic as they are enlightening.

On April 19, the sun will enter Taurus, shifting your dating and romance energy from fiery and impulsive to practical and patient. If you’re contemplating where to meet your crush for the first time or how to plan a romantic date, bask in the Venusian essence of this astrological season. It’ll invite you to explore the simple pleasures in life, like a walk through the park or a stargazing date. 

There will be a full moon in Scorpio on April 23, intensifying emotions and bringing light to the darker attributes of your romantic connections. Full moons bring feelings to the surface, which can inspire you and your crush to discuss taboo topics that are usually kept under wraps. Venus will also enter Taurus on April 29th, followed by Mars’ ingress into Aries on the 30th. This creates a dynamic where you can combine the thrill of new experiences with the comfort of an emotional bond by sparking new connections or rekindling a flame with your crush.

Wondering what the stars have in store for your love life this April? Read on for both you and your Bumble crush’s sun and rising signs.


April will be dynamic and transformative for your dating life. With the sun in your sign until the 19th, you have the energy and courage to make bold moves that could take things to the next level with your Bumble crush. Mercury will also retrograde on the 1st, so be discerning with your communication style, as you could make impulsive comments that you regret later. Despite the undeniable hiccups brought on by this notorious phenomenon, Venus’s debut in your sign on the 5th adds a charming layer to your romantic exchanges and magnetic appeal. The solar eclipse in your sign on the 8th makes the influence of Venus all the more pivotal, so embrace the changes in your love life. 


Reflect on your romantic ideals. On April 1, Mercury will retrograde in Aries, bringing emphasis to everything from your past relationships to your subconscious desires. Miscommunications are also likely, so take time to process your emotions before relaying an impromptu message to your crush. Venus enters Aries on the 5th, heightening your intuition and making you more attuned to the needs of your romantic interest. The solar eclipse on the 8th could further emphasize your hidden feelings while offering you a chance to surrender the emotional weight of what no longer serves you. These profound shifts happen just in time for the start of your solar season on the 19th. Expect some surprising twists and turns in your dating life.


A whirlwind of exhilarating experiences awaits you, Gemini. April will fuel your desire for connection, but with Mercury stationing retrograde on the 1st, it’s important to stay open and honest when communicating with your Bumble crush. Curiosity and freedom take precedence over commitment, so being clear with your romantic intentions is key. After all, with Venus entering Aries on the 5th, you’ll be drawn to thrilling experiences that allow you to explore brand new dimensions in your love life. New possibilities could emerge during the solar eclipse on the 8th, especially if you’re open to connections that are a little unconventional. Explore your options with an open heart and mind. 


The sun’s journey through Aries adds a layer of courage and audacity to your romantic pursuits this month. Mercury stationing retrograde on the 1st urges you to think twice before making impromptu decisions, even though you’re called to step out of your comfort zone. Venus’s debut in Aries on the 5th will spark a desire for bold action, but also a call for discretion. Consider whether you and your Bumble crush are on the same page personally and professionally. The sun’s debut in Taurus on the 19th helps ground your approach to dating, but a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the 20th invites you to explore uncharted territories.


Dare to venture into the unknown? April will be about courage and passion, thanks to the sun’s journey through Aries via your ninth house of adventure, exploration, and spontaneity. With Mercury stationing retrograde on the 1st, communication around new or unexplored connections could be more challenging than expected. Consider re-evaluating your beliefs and values. This is especially true with a solar eclipse on the 8th, as it could bring about unexpected opportunities in love that are vastly different from your usual type. The full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd is a powerful time to reflect on how your personal background and innermost feelings influence your approach to love.


In April, you’re profoundly influenced by themes of intimacy and transformation. As well as reminiscing about past experiences during Mercury retrograde from the 1st to the 5th, the sun’s journey through Aries encourages you to deepen your connection with your Bumble crush. Venus will also make its dazzling debut in Aries on the 5th, emphasizing your desire for intensity-filled encounters in your love life. If there was something stopping you from taking the lead, the time is now! A solar eclipse on the 8th signals a period of significant breakthroughs when it comes to your intimate connections, and after the sun’s debut in Taurus on the 19th, an electric Jupiter-Uranus conjunction reshapes your perspective on romance.


April puts a spotlight on your relationship sector, and the sun’s journey through your seventh house inspires confidence and proactivity in your love life. With Mercury stationing retrograde in Aries on the 1st, you may decide to take the lead and revisit conversations or connections that need clarification, perhaps even reviving a Bumble chat that’s gone quiet. Venus will enter Aries shortly after on the 5th, injecting exciting and passionate energy into your dating life. If you’re naturally hesitant to express affection, you’ll be eager to make bold moves during this transit. The solar eclipse in Aries on the 8th brings powerful new beginnings to your love life, especially when it comes to how you take initiative in your romantic relationships. 


You’re booked and busy this month, Scorpio. With the sun energizing your sixth house, there’s greater emphasis on your routines and how you’re managing to integrate dating into your schedule. With Mercury stationing retrograde on the 1st, this is an excellent time to make the necessary adjustments to create room for more romance and quality time with your crush. Venus will enter Aries on the 5th, adding a spark of adrenaline to your love life. On top of being assertive, you’re eager to seize the day, even if it’s a quick coffee date with a Bumble match who lives nearby. On the 23rd, the moon will peak in your sign, urging you to reflect as emotions run high.


Passionate new beginnings are coming in your love life, but don’t forget to make time for yourself in the process. Mercury retrograde begins on the 1st, bringing you the opportunity to reflect on your dating life. Rekindling the flame with an old Bumble crush? Venus will enter Aries on the 5th, amplifying your charm and seduction in a bold new way that potentially brings a renewed sense of enthusiasm to your connection. Just stay vigilant, as a deeply introspective full moon on the 23rd urges you to explore the depths of your feelings and uncover romantic desires you haven’t fully acknowledged.


Your comfort takes precedence in April, Capricorn. This is all thanks to the sun transiting through your fourth house of home, adding a sentimental element to your dating life. Mercury stations retrograde on the 1st, prompting you to reassess how you approach communication when related to your innermost feelings. If there’s something you’d like to get off your chest, consider this an opportunity to deepen your connection with your crush. Venus will also enter Aries on the 5th, so you may find yourself drawn to people who feel familiar. If you’re already exploring a connection, the solar eclipse on the 8th signals a major emotional shift, possibly leading towards you taking a relationship to the next level.


Engaging conversations lead to romance, Aquarius. With Mercury stationing retrograde on the 1st, you’re more likely to revisit past connections—and you may even hear from a Bumble match you haven’t chatted with in a while. Love planet Venus will also enter Aries on the 3rd, adding a layer of passion and charm to your exchanges. Your wit and communication style are some of your greatest assets, and flirting with your crush never felt so good. The solar eclipse on the 8th acts as a catalyst for revelations and important conversations in love, so don’t hold back from speaking your truth. The full moon will illuminate your tenth house of authority on the 23rd, shifting your focus towards your reputation in the world.


April brings focus to your sense of stability and self-worth as you may start to realize what truly matters to you when it comes to romantic relationships. This is especially true with Mercury stationing retrograde in Aries on the 1st, and your moments of introspection will help lead to more meaningful dating experiences. On the 5th, Venus makes a sizzling debut in Aries, serving as a confidence boost in your romantic pursuits. Your Bumble matches will find your personality dazzling, making you all the more aware of your worth. A momentous solar eclipse on the 8th opens doors to new beginnings in your dating life, as you’re now seeking connections that align with your personal and professional values.