Your February 2024 Love Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

February has arrived, and the most romantic day of the year is right around the corner. With the sun transiting the socially conscious sign of Aquarius, there’s a greater focus on community, friendship, and your visions of the future. This means if you were more likely to prioritize accountability and commitment in your dating life last month, February is all about experimentation and intellectual stimulation. Don’t be afraid to explore new connections on Bumble as we edge toward Valentine’s Day.

Mercury enters Aquarius on February 5, adding a layer of rebellion and unconventionality to your Bumble chats. Mars will join Mercury and the sun in Aquarius on the 13th, heightening the desire for autonomy. Although there’s nothing wrong with radical self-acceptance, it’s important to strike a balance between independence and the potential for building meaningful connections. On February 16, Venus will debut in Aquarius, increasing the possibility of finding love via mutual connections and networks—so don’t be surprised if you share friends with a new Bumble match. The love planet prefers a no-strings-attached connection based on friendship and mutual interests, so consider what you have in common with your crush before you take things to the next level.

On February 18, the sun enters Pisces, marking the end of an astrological year before it starts again during the spring equinox in Aries season. Tap into your intuition, as this is a time for resting and healing—and try to steer away from escapism or obsession in your dating life.

Wondering what the stars have in store for your love life this February? Read on for both your and your Bumble crush’s sun and rising signs. If you’re specifically looking for astrology’s guide to February 14, check out your Valentine’s Day horoscope here.


In addition to craving meaningful connections in your dating life this month, you’re also looking for a sense of belonging in the world. A new moon in Aquarius on February 9 is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore connections on Bumble who really help you feel seen. To help you match with people who share similar hobbies and values, fill your five Interest Badges on your Bumble profile. Mars will join the sun and Mercury in Aquarius in your 11th house of community on the 13th, inspiring the desire to explore the mutual curiosities and aspirations you share with your match. Shortly after, on the 17th, romantic Venus will enter Aquarius, meaning intellectually stimulating conversations with your Bumble crush are likely. Keep an open mind and be ready to deepen your bond.


You’re taking the lead and doing things your way in February. The sun will energize your tenth house of reputation for the majority of the month, bringing emphasis to everything from your Bumble profile to your sense of authority. Despite being a practical earth sign, you’re more likely to take the unconventional route in your dating life at this time. After Mercury joins the sun in Aquarius on the 5th, Mars will enter this area of your chart on the 13th, followed by your celestial ruler, Venus, on the 16th. While some of you crave maturity in your connections, others could match with someone on a similar career trajectory. You’ll likely wear your heart on your sleeve during the full moon on the 24th, so let your feelings speak for themselves.


Are you curious to see what happens to your dating life when you venture beyond your comfort zone? On February 6, Mercury will join the sun in Aquarius in your ninth house of adventure and self-discovery. Given that it’s the house of travel, you may want to update your Bio with your current location or turn on Travel Mode before arriving at your next destination. With Mars entering Aquarius shortly after on the 13th, followed by Venus on the 16th, chances are you’ll be as vocal and inquisitive as ever with your Bumble crush. While there’s nothing wrong with getting to know each other, it’s important to steer away from controversial topics, as the influence of hot-headed Mars could trigger an unnecessary debate. Otherwise, new connections and conversations will contribute to your personal expansion.


Take a walk on the wild side, Cancer. A quirky new moon in Aquarius will ignite your eighth house of intimacy on February 9, presenting you with an unexpected and slightly unconventional new beginning in your dating life. Some of you could decide to make the first move on your Bumble crush and ask them out on a date, while others may still be in the swiping stage and reflecting on what you’re really looking for. With Venus entering Aquarius on the 16th, a part of you could begin to crave a deeper connection, so there’s no need to avoid vulnerable topics of conversation. After all, as of February 18, love is in the air with the sun in Pisces—so never say never.


February brings greater focus to your one-on-one connections, Leo, whether you’re exploring your options or already smitten with your Bumble crush. After chatty Mercury enters Aquarius and your seventh house of relationships on the 5th, a new moon will activate this area of your chart on the 9th. This will offer you a clean slate to start again and build toward a fulfilling connection based on mutual interests. Reconsider your default approach to dating, especially with action-oriented Mars igniting this area of your chart on the 13th, followed by love planet Venus on the 16th. If you plan on making the first move, release all expectations. Doing so will allow you to approach the situation with a sense of freedom and authenticity.


If you’re questioning the stability of your dating life, don’t be discouraged. Mercury will be joining the sun in Aquarius on February 5, which explains why you’re choosing to approach the dating scene from a practical standpoint as opposed to romanticizing scenarios. You’re likely preoccupied with your day-to-day routine as Mars enters this area of your chart on the 13th, followed by Venus on the 16th, so remember to step back and make room for your dating life. Fortunately, your overly pragmatic view on things takes a backseat upon the sun’s debut in fantasy-loving Pisces on the 18th, where it energizes your relationship sector and heightens your desire for an amorous connection. There’ll be a full moon in your sign on the 24th, bringing romantic feelings to the forefront. Are you ready for this new chapter?


Things are spicing up in your love life in February, and you’re as passionate as ever. In addition to the sun in Aquarius energizing your heart-centered fifth house of romance, Mercury will stir up conversation in this area of your chart on the 9th, followed by red-hot Mars on the 13th, and amorous Venus on the 16th. Despite whether you’ve already gotten to know your matches on Bumble, you’re more eager to explore your options and experiment with more than one connection. Just make sure to communicate this clearly with the people you’re seeing. Although there’s nothing wrong with being assertive, you’re equally as confident as you are audacious under these unconventional transits. So just be wary of this and remember to stay present in your connections.


This month, home is where your heart is as Mercury joins the sun in Aquarius on February 5, activating your cozy fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations. This makes it the perfect time to swipe right and chat with your Bumble connections from the comfort of your own home. There’s a greater focus on your innermost feelings as well, especially with action-oriented Mars charging up this area of your chart on the 13th, followed by romantic Venus on the 16th. You could feel compelled to share more of your personal life with your Bumble crush at this time, helping to deepen your connection once the sun debuts in Pisces via your fifth house of love and romance on the 18th.


You’re a truth-seeker who loves vocalizing your opinion, and February is bringing energy and new beginnings to your third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate exchanges. Don’t be surprised if your Bumble notifications are buzzing and you’re driving conversation—but remember to hold space for your crush to give their two cents too. Your outspokenness is an endearing quality, but with Mercury entering this area of your chart on the 5th, followed by impulsive Mars on the 13th, your communication style could come across as arrogant—even if it stems from pure passion. Both you and your romantic prospects could be extra inquisitive at this time, so be sure to take advantage of this cerebral energy and get to know your crush better. 


Don’t be afraid to tap into your eccentricities and unconventional delights this month, Capricorn. Embracing these aspects of your personality can make your dating experiences more memorable and authentic, attracting those who appreciate the true you and share similar interests. The sun rules your amorous eighth house of taboos, and it’s been igniting your second house of values and sensuality since January 20. With chatty Mercury joining the sun in Aquarius on February 5th, you’re all the more curious and vocal with your crush. Consider your dating values and whether your connections match them. Go-getter Mars will charge up this area of your chart on the 13th, followed by seductive Venus on the 16th. Want to keep these riveting conversations going but are struggling to align your schedules for an IRL date? Try Bumble’s Video Chat and Voice Call features instead.


Take a stand and assert yourself with confidence, Aquarius. You’re shining under the celestial spotlight for the majority of February, and your charismatic presence is impossible to ignore. In addition to celebrating your solar season, savvy Mercury will enter your sign on the 5th, followed by go-getter Mars on the 13th, and dazzling Venus on the 16th. Your magnetic aura is drawing potential prospects towards you, opening doors to new opportunities and meaningful connections. If you’ve been hesitant to take things to the next level with your Bumble crush, a practical full moon in Virgo on the 24th could serve as an ultimatum. Conversations could deepen with your romantic interest, but this could also bring the clarity you’ve been seeking.


Keeping things low-key? The sun’s been energizing your sleepy 12th house of privacy since mid-January, but this period of introspection and quiet progress leads to significant growth and clarity. Mercury will enter your sign on February 5, making you more reluctant to express yourself fully, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take things slow for the time being. Otherwise, consider using Bumble’s Self-Care Badges as you consciously choose to prioritize your mental health. Fortunately, the sun will debut in your sign on the 18th, followed by Mercury on the 23rd. This is all the more reason to surrender and allow the energy to flow between you and your crush. Leave it to the full moon in Virgo on the 24th to clarify next steps.