How to Improve Your Bumble Profile in 30 Seconds

It’s always a good idea to take a look at your Bumble profile regularly to make sure it accurately reflects the current you. But we know that sometimes it can be hard to find the time to sit down and update your entire profile. Don’t worry! We’ve come up with a list of small, meaningful changes you can make that may help open your profile to new, better-suited connections.

Luckily, once you’ve got your profile set up, you can make quick changes to one part of your profile at a time. Keep reading to learn five ways you can improve your Bumble profile in just 30 seconds. (If you’re starting from scratch, go here first!)

Make your Profile Prompts engaging

It can be really helpful for other daters if your Profile Prompts double up as an insight to your personality—and a springboard for conversation. Try adding an encouraging note at the end of one, like “What about you?” or “I’d love to hear yours!” Be playful too! You can tease a potential match to be even more curious about getting to know you if you leave them guessing with your Prompt answers. For example, for “Perfect first date…” you could answer “I love coffee, the beach, and athletics—so what would you suggest we do?” to get them thinking. Or, consider answering “My real-life superpower is…” with “What do you think it is just from looking at my profile?” It’s a cute and flirty way to encourage potential matches to take a really good look at your whole profile. 

Add the Zodiac Badge 

The Zodiac Badge is one of our most popular Badges, so adding it to your Bumble profile is a great way to catch another dater’s attention. Did you know Taurus and Virgo can make great matches for a Capricorn? Or that Cancer may clash with an Aries or Libra? The Zodiac Badge can help give other daters an insight, according to the stars, to what your personality might be like, and how compatible you might be with them. If you’ve made a match, check out our conversation topic guide for the best ideas on what to chat about based on both of your star signs.

Add a question to your Bio

It can be tricky to know what to write in your Bumble Bio, but adding a question is a simple way to fill in the blank space and make your profile more inviting. A question in your Bio can make it easier for people to make the first move, and it’s a great opportunity for you to put something you want to know about a new connection front and center. Some ideas:

  • What song are you currently obsessed with?
  • Tell me your go-to first date activity. 
  • What’s a random topic you know a ton about? Teach me something! 

Toggle on Best Photo

If you’re struggling to choose which pic to put first on your profile, and the decision’s taking longer than 30 seconds, turn on Bumble’s Best Photo feature to let technology do the work for you. Best Photo figures out which of your first three Bumble profile photos gets the most right swipes—or likes—and then puts it at the top of your profile for other daters to see first. Using this feature may improve your chances of making matches and finding those all-important new connections. 

Mention what you’re looking for

Your intentions are an important part of your dating experience, so keeping the type of connection you’re looking for up to date on your profile is key. Maybe you were looking for something casual when you first signed up, and now you want to search for a committed relationship—or vice versa. To quickly show this on your profile, head to the “More about me” section in “Edit profile” and change your “Looking for” badge. Other daters can filter for this in their Advanced Filters so making sure this badge reflects your current dating goals can help attract people who’re on the same page as you. 

And if you want to be really specific about what you’re looking for in a match, add it to your bio! Mention that you’re searching for someone who shares your travel goals, or for someone who’s great at cooking to counteract your tendency to always burn toast. 

When updating your Bumble profile, a little effort can go a long way. And when it comes to finding new, meaningful connections, 30 seconds is worth it.