Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Bumble Premium

We only want the best for our friends and family, which is why it can be hard when we know a loved one is experiencing dating fatigue, or struggling to find the connections that are right for them. You know how brilliant they are, and how much they deserve to find the person they’re looking for—but you don’t have any single friends to set them up with and you’ve already helped them refresh their Bumble profile. So, how can you help? Easy—you can now give them the gift of Bumble Premium to help them make the most of Bumble and boost their dating life for seven days. 

Bumble Premium is our paid subscription service that’s designed to help our members find more compatible connections, faster. It’ll give your loved one access to a suite of exclusive features that will enable them to have a more personalized experience and take control of their dating life. Read on to learn more about the features Bumble Premium has to offer and how to gift Premium to your friend or family member. 

How does gifting Bumble Premium work?

Note: You’ll need to have a Bumble account yourself to gift Premium—you can download Bumble and sign up here.

All you need to do is follow this link to give the gift of Bumble Premium. There, you can read more information about gifting Premium, before tapping on the yellow button that says “Continue to get offer.” Enter your name, email address, payment details, your recipient’s email address, and then tap “Accept and Pay.” Your receipt will be emailed to you and your loved one will get an email to say that you bought Premium for them. You can also forward your confirmation to them for access. From there, they’ll be able to follow the instructions to log in or sign up for Bumble. As long as they’re not an existing Premium member, they’ll be able to redeem their gift. If the recipient is an existing Premium member, you can resend the code to someone else or request a refund by contacting our support team.

What features are included in Bumble Premium?

There are eleven extra features that can be accessed through a Premium subscription—including seeing who’s liked you, Advanced Filters, and Travel Mode. All of these features are designed to help our members create a dating life that works for them, and feel more in control of the connections they’re making on Bumble. 

Your loved one will have access to a tab on Bumble where they can see everyone who’s already liked their profile. It means they can spend less time swiping and more time matching with their admirers so that they can get to those all-important conversations faster. 

Advanced Filters will allow them to filter the profiles that are shown to them on Bumble by certain criteria including: verified profile, height, exercise level, star sign, education, dating intentions, religious identity, politics, whether the other person drinks or smokes, and whether they have or want children. This means they can curate their Bumble experience to help ensure their non-negotiables are accounted for.

If you’re planning a trip with your friend or loved one, Premium will give them access to Travel Mode. This means they can change their location to another city before your vacation so they can easily make new connections by the time you arrive. Alternatively, this also works if they want to keep swiping in their local area while they’re not home, allowing them to keep connecting with people who live nearby. You can see here for full details on what features can be accessed with Bumble Premium.

What could be better than giving the gift of love? Help someone you care about take charge of their dating life by granting them access to Bumble Premium. You never know, a double date might be just around the corner.