Add a Convo Starter to Your Bumble Profile with an Opening Question 

Your Bumble profile is all about showcasing who you are and letting other daters get to know you—but what do you want to know about them? Well, now you can learn more about potential matches by adding an Opening Question to your Bumble profile. This new feature allows you to choose a question for your profile that will help you get to know other daters. When a potential match comes across your profile, they’ll be able to see the question and send you an answer. Then when you come across their profile (either in the matching queue or in your Beeline), you’ll be able to view their response before you swipe left or right. If it’s a match, the question and answer will then appear in your chat screen to help get the conversation flowing.

When someone answers your Opening Question, it shows their intention to get to know you and gives you insight into their personality. This can help you get a feel for if they’re the right connection for you, plus, it can get a conversation going right off the bat. If you usually make the first move on Bumble, your Opening Question can count as your first message, helping to take away any nerves or pressure you may feel to come up with a conversation starter. Read on for everything you need to know about Bumble’s Opening Question feature.

How do I add an Opening Question to my profile? 

All Bumble daters are able to add an Opening Question to their profile. To do so, tap on the gray silhouette in the bottom left corner of your Bumble screen. Click on “Edit profile” or “Complete my profile” underneath your profile photo, scroll down to the Opening Question section, and tap on “Add a question.” There, you’ll be shown a list of questions you can choose from. They cover a variety of fun topics, from “What TV show would you be a main character in?” to “What annoying habit do you have that’s actually cute?” Pick the one that really piques your interest and could help lead you to your type of person. 

You can remove or change your Opening Question at any time by heading back to the “Edit profile” page. To delete it, click on the “X” icon to the right of the question. To choose a new question, click on the one you’ve already selected and pick another one from the list provided. 

How do I respond to an Opening Question on someone’s profile?

Anyone can respond to an Opening Question. If you see a question on someone’s profile that you’d like to answer, simply click on the button to the bottom left of it (this will look like a yellow icon with a heart inside a speech bubble) and type in your answer. 

Sending a reply will count as using one of your allocated Compliments. You get a certain number for free, but if you need to buy more, simply go to answer an Opening Question, and when you press send you’ll then be able to purchase additional Compliments. 

When you answer an Opening Question on Bumble, it also counts as swiping right on that person, so make sure you’re only answering questions on profiles that you like and that your answer is kind and respectful. 

How can I see if someone’s responded to my Opening Question? 

If someone answers your Opening Question, you’ll be able to see it when their profile pops up in your matching queue or in your Beeline. If you like their answer and are intrigued by the rest of their profile, you can match with them as usual by swiping right. The question and answer—no matter who asked the question or who answered—will show up in your chat. If you can make the first move, you’ll have 24 hours to respond before your match expires, and you can either reply to their answer or start a new topic of conversation. Folks who aren’t usually able to make the first move won’t be able to send another message until the other person begins the chat.

So add your favorite question to your Bumble profile to see what you can learn about your fellow daters. You never know which Opening Question could turn into a conversation with a new, meaningful match.