How to Use Bumble When You’ve Never Used a Dating App Before

A young woman wearing a green cardigan looking at her phone which is in an orange case.

If you’ve been out of the dating game for a while because you were married, in a long-term partnership, or just taking some time to prioritize other things, you may have missed it when all your pals jumped into online dating. We know it can be intimidating to try something new, which is why Bumble makes it easy to get started. Not only does Bumble make it easier to meet people by bringing potential new connections straight to your phone, Bumble also allows you to make the most of your time by letting daters filter for location, age, shared interests, and more. This means you can get a sense of a potential match’s personality and values before meeting in person. 

Of course, once you’ve built your new profile and started swiping, there are a few other things you should keep in mind as an online dating newbie. Read on for our best advice for how to approach Bumble when you’ve never used a dating app before.

Show off your real self

It may feel tempting to build a Bumble profile that solely aims to impress potential matches but doesn’t quite represent your authentic self. While we wholeheartedly support putting your best face forward when creating your profile, misrepresenting yourself in the hopes of attracting more matches is ultimately not worth it. Upload current photos of yourself and make sure the information you include on your profile is accurate and reflects who you really are. This’ll help you make matches who are right for you, right now. 

Share as much—or as little—as you’re comfortable with

The more information you share on your Bumble profile, the more points of connection potential matches will have to make with you. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your whole self out there if the thought of doing so makes you uncomfortable. You don’t have to include the name of the company you work for, or your exact job title, for instance. Once you’ve built enough trust with a match that you feel ready to share, you can fill them in on the rest of the important details. And be sure not to share personal information that might compromise your safety, such as your address, email, or phone number, before getting to know a match. (For more safety tips, see here). 

Keep an open mind

Even if we don’t have a “type,” most of us have certain parameters and deal breakers that we keep in mind when considering a new romantic partner. Maybe it’s that you won’t date someone over a certain age, or you’re really only interested in meeting someone who lives in your town. But the great thing about Bumble is that each profile gives you access to more information about a potential match than you’d normally have when making a first impression. If someone doesn’t look like your traditional “type” but they share your interests and values, you might decide that the pros outweigh the cons. By keeping an open mind when using Bumble, you’ll find an even bigger pool of potential matches to connect with than you might otherwise have.

Remember, these are actual humans you’re talking to

It can be really hard to figure out how to talk to someone you might be interested in dating, especially if you haven’t had to exercise those specific skills in a while. But really, the most important thing to remember is to keep the conversation respectful. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of an explicit or suggestive message or an overly personal question from a virtual stranger, and Bumble doesn’t tolerate any form of harassment. Instead, when the time comes to message your new match, take another look at their profile and look for something you can ask them about, like their favorite travel destination or a TV show they mentioned in their Bio. It shows your match that you’re paying attention and gives them something to respond to, making it more likely the conversation will flow from there. (More tips on having a Bumble conversation here!)

Don’t take unreciprocated swipes personally

When you’re on Bumble, it’s best not to take it personally if someone you swiped right on doesn’t swipe right back. If it’s not a match this time, there are plenty of other people for you, lined up right there in your queue. And, if you really like someone and want to avoid a potential missed connection in the future, you can always use Bumble’s SuperSwipe feature, included in Premium memberships or available for a one-off purchase, which will let someone know you’re really interested in getting to know them. To use a SuperSwipe, just head into your swipe queue and tap the star icon on the person’s profile, then the next time they log on they’ll receive a notification that they stand out to you, hopefully encouraging them to swipe right back.

Remember to change it up!

If you ever start to feel like you’re running out of potential Bumble matches, or just aren’t connecting with the right people, it may be time to give your profile a little refresh. Swap in some new profile photos, answer different Prompts, update your bio, and swap in new filters or interests. Introducing fresh information creates new avenues for potential matches to find you and make a connection. 

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our support team here. Happy dating!