A New Era Of Bumble

Look, we’ll level with you. We know dating can be exhausting. Many of us are just one more ‘u up?’ message away from giving up on dating apps entirely, and one more ‘heyyyy’ away from moving to outer space. For a while, it’s felt like abandoning all hope has been the only way to never deal with it again. And to be honest, we wouldn’t blame you.

You deserve a dating experience that puts your needs first—and attracts the kind of people you actually want to date. So, we’re launching new features to help you find better people, have better chats, and to ultimately go on better dates. Here’s what’s new:

Try a new way to Make The First Move

Yep, you heard that right. We’re giving women more ways to start the conversation. Our new feature, Opening Moves, lets women choose a question that’s sent to all matches. Just choose your Opening Move, sit back, and let someone else do the work to get the replies rolling in—and the conversation flowing. 

So say goodbye to thinking of what to say for every single match, and say hello to less agonizing over what to say, and getting to the good chats faster. The choice is yours.

Find what you’re actually looking for

And find it faster, too. To help people better communicate what they’re looking for right now (not just… someday in the future), we’ve updated our Badges for setting dating intentions to include everything from ‘fun, casual dates’ and ‘intimacy without commitment’ to ‘life partner’ and ‘ethical non-monogamy’. You can now choose two of these to show on your profile, too. 

Additionally, to help you find those compatible matches even faster, we’ve also made it so that shared interests and top musical artists are now highlighted at the top of profiles. Plus, we’ve increased the minimum number of photos required on a profile and made improvements to our For You feature—four curated profiles we think you’ll really hit it off with, based on your preferences and past matches.

A fresh new look

As you might’ve already noticed, we’ve had a glow up. We’re older, bolder, and making sure you get the most out of every second you spend on our app. Our new design changes should make your experience more enjoyable and much easier to navigate—ultimately helping you to better find what you’re looking for. Download Bumble to see for yourself.