You Asked, We Listened. Try an Easier Way To Start Conversations on Bumble With Opening Moves

Say goodbye to stressing over opening lines–thanks to Bumble's new Opening Moves feature. A new, easy way to kick off the conversation.

When you told us the obligation to make the first move sometimes felt like just another thing to do on top of everything else on your life list, we heard you. So, we designed a new feature to make it easier to kick off a conversation—and to save you some brain space. Enter: Opening Moves. It’s our new way to make sure that women are still in the driver’s seat, but now with the choice as to how the conversation starts.

Opening Moves gives women the option to set a question that their matches can respond to, adding more ways to open a conversation while keeping women in control. You can choose from a list of suggested Opening Moves that cover a variety of fun topics, from “What’s your ideal first date?” to “How many episodes of a series is it acceptable to watch in one sitting?” Pick the one that really piques your interest and could help lead you to your type of person. If you’re feeling inspired, you also have the option to write your own Opening Move. For non-binary and same-gender connections, either person can set and respond to an Opening Move.

When someone answers your Opening Move, it shows their intention to get to know you and gives you insight into their personality. This can give you a feel for if they’re the right connection for you and get to better conversations faster. If you usually make the first move on Bumble, setting an Opening Move may take away any nerves or pressure you may feel to come up with a conversation starter. Read on for everything you need to know about Bumble’s Opening Moves feature.

How do I set an Opening Move?

Women using Bumble can set an Opening Move to be sent to their matches. To do so, tap on the gray silhouette in the bottom left corner of your Bumble screen. Click on “Edit profile” or “Complete my profile” underneath your profile photo, scroll down to the Opening Moves section, and tap on “Add a question.” There, you’re shown a list of questions you can choose from, or space for you to write your own. 

Alternatively, you can set an Opening Move next time you match with someone, or at the top of the “Chat” screen. Once your Opening Move is set, you can wait for your match to respond or message them first. For non-binary and same-gender connections, either person can set and respond to an Opening Move.

How can I see if someone’s responded to my Opening Move?

If someone answers your Opening Move, you can see it when their profile pops up in your chat queue. Women have 24 hours to respond before the match expires and they can either reply to their answer or start a new topic of conversation. 

Why should I set an Opening Move?

Try a new way to make the first move

Your time is precious. With Opening Moves, you’re in control of how you make the first move—message them first, or set your move and leave it up to them to start the conversation. 

Less admin 

Setting one Opening Move to send to all your matches takes the stress out of writing multiple conversation starters–and skips the dreaded ‘heyyy.’ Simply sit back, relax, and watch the replies roll in. 

Vibe check 

Save time and use their reply to your Opening Move to assess compatibility with the person you’re chatting to–and get to better conversations, faster. Setting your Opening Move is quick and easy, because dating shouldn’t feel hard. Set yours now and try a new way to get to the good conversations faster.

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