Moves Making Impact: Bumble Gives to Cause of Your Choice When Women Make the First Move 

On Bumble, women are encouraged to make the first move, flipping outdated gender dynamics on their head and helping establish connections rooted in respect and equality. Now, through our Moves Making Impact program, each of these first moves will put funds directly into the hands of three game-changing nonprofits taking on challenges close to the heart of our mission. 

Every time a woman makes a first move by sending a message to a new match in date mode, Bumble will make a donation directly to the organization aligned with the cause of your choice: Healthy and Safer Relationships, which will benefit the U.S.-based National Domestic Violence Hotline in its work helping people experiencing abuse and shifting power back to survivors; Equity for Women, through Vital Voices’ entrepreneurship program, which supports women-led organizations solving the world’s greatest challenges; or Save the Bees, a project of the National Geographic Society helping women and underrepresented scientists conserve and protect important pollinators.

To choose the cause your first moves support, first select the silhouette icon in the bottom left corner on the Bumble app. Then select the Settings icon, the cog in the top left corner. Scroll down and select ‘Moves Making Impact Settings,’ then choose one of the three options listed above. You can change these settings at any time, and select a different cause for Bumble to support when you make the first move.