Want More Time with a Match? Use Bumble Extend

Sometimes you need a little more time to get your connection off the ground, and that’s why Bumble created the Extend feature. After matching with someone on Bumble, those who can make the first move have 24 hours to start the conversation or the match will expire. With Extend, you get an extra 24 hours to get the conversation going. If you’re not able to start the chat, Extend gives your match an extra 24 hours to reach out. 

Extend can only be applied to conversations that haven’t started yet. To use Extend, click on the match you want more time with in your Match Queue, and then hit the Extend button. You get one free Extend to use each day, but you can upgrade to our paid Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscriptions to get unlimited Extends. When a match uses Extend on you, their profile photo will show up with a green ring rather than a yellow one and will reflect the updated amount of time you have to start a conversation. 

Extend is helpful when life gets busy and you don’t have a moment in your day to craft an engaging opening line. Maybe you matched with someone you’re excited to talk to, but then you completely forgot about it until the connection’s about to expire. In circumstances like these, Extend is the perfect way to show interest without having to come up with a thoughtful message right at that moment. (And check out these first messages and conversation starters if you get stuck!) 

On the other hand, it might be that you’re waiting for the first message but want to show a match that they really caught your attention and you’d like to chat. Extend is a great way to signal that you’re interested in getting to know them and hoping they’ll make the first move. It can be a huge compliment to show someone that you’re excited to speak with them. 

The timing isn’t always right, but with Extend you’ll get more time to start a conversation.