Stay Home and Put Yourself Out There With These New Virtual Dating Tools

With IRL dates mostly off the table, we’re all looking for creative ways to keep in touch. By now, you’ve probably heard of Bumble’s Video Chat and Voice Calling features, but we’re making connections easier than ever with some new additions to the Bumble app.

Now, you can:

  • Add a Virtual Date Badge to your profile so your potential matches know you’re down to Video Chat.
  • Play the Bumble’s Question Game.
  • Send an Audio Note to your match.
  • Reply to specific messages.
  • Expand your Distance Filter to match with people across the country.

Wanna know more about each feature? Keep reading!

Virtual Date Badge

First things first: We know that not everyone is into Video Chatting with their match, and that’s totally okay! We encourage you to connect in any way you’re comfortable. But if you’re up for Video Chatting, you can now add a Badge to let potential matches know. (And we even put together some virtual date ideas here.) 

When you’re swiping, just look for the Virtual Date profile and match with it. The badge will automatically appear on your profile, and you’ll also get a notification confirming it was successfully added. After adding the badge, you’ll be able to filter potential matches to find people who are also interested in virtual dating.

The Question Game

If you’re stuck on what to say to your match, we’ve got your back. Have fun at home and get to know each other better by mutually answering questions via the Question Game. It’s a surefire way to find common ground, or spark a flirty debate. 

From any chat screen, just press the Start Question Game button. You can shuffle the questions until you find one you like, or type your own. Both you and your match have to respond before either answer is revealed.

Audio Notes

Got a wild or funny story to tell? Spare your thumbs the trouble and leave your match an Audio Note. Your match can listen to it at any time — and play it more than once.

To send one, hold down the microphone icon to the right of the text box. Heads up! Once you let go, the Audio Note will send automatically. If you want to cancel the recording, slide your finger to the left.

Reply to specific messages

Say you’re really hitting it off and your match is sending messages a mile a minute! Addressing everything line by line can get chaotic. Luckily, now you can reply to specific messages.

To do it, just hold down the message you want to respond to and click Reply. You can reply using plain text, a GIF, an Audio Note, or a Voice Note. 

Expand your Distance Filter

Ever wonder if the dating pool in another city is different? Spoiler: it definitely is. Now you can see for yourself by matching with people throughout your entire country. Because who knows? Your soulmate might just be out there, beyond your usual geographic range.

Just go to your settings by tapping the gear icon, then move your Distance slider all the way to the right.

It’s important to stay connected now more than ever, and we hope these new features make it easier. Ready to get started? Get Bumbling