Your Valentine’s Day 2024 Horoscope, According To Your Star Sign

By Valerie Mesa

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner—and whether you’re looking for a date on Bumble or already planning a romantic evening with your match, you can look to the stars for guidance on how best to celebrate.

On this amorous day, the moon will be transiting stability-seeking Taurus while forming a feisty square to Mars and Pluto in Aquarius. This is the perfect opportunity to steer away from conventionality this Valentine’s Day and plan something a little out of your comfort zone. Love planet Venus will also be forming a harmonious sextile with dreamy Neptune, adding serendipity to the spontaneity at play. This means the more flexible and open-minded you are, the more magical the experience.

Wondering what the stars have in store for your love life this Valentine’s Day? Read on for both your and your Bumble crush’s sun and rising signs.


Release all expectations and go with the flow, Aries. Despite having the moon in your comfort-seeking second house on Valentine’s Day this year, its connection to your celestial ruler (Mars) and Pluto in Aquarius could present you with a sporadic change of plans. Let these unexpected romantic opportunities lead you toward a delightful dating experience with your Bumble crush. Fortunately, with Venus transiting your tenth house of notoriety, you demand respect, and your admirers are well aware of this, too.


If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to confess your feelings, this Valentine’s Day could be it! Your celestial ruler, love planet Venus, will be aligned with enchanting Neptune, heightening your desire for romance while adding a layer of idealism and fantasy to your love life. If you can see yourself dating this person in the future, who’s to say it can’t actually happen? You’re bound to be in your feelings with the moon in your sign today, but the lunar planet’s square to Mars and Pluto explains why you’re also quick to set the record straight.


Prioritize your rest this Valentine’s Day, Gemini. With the moon hovering over your 12th house of sleep and solitude, you don’t have to feel pressured to live up to any expectations of an extravagant date night. In fact, love planet Venus will be transiting your eighth house of intimacy, which is all the more reason to lay low and spend quality time with your Bumble crush at home. The moon’s square to Mars and Pluto in your ninth house of travel could also indicate challenges related to schedule clashes, so take advantage of Video Chat if you need. 


The moon will be lighting up your eleventh house of community and friendship this Valentine’s Day, so gather the platonic loves of your life for a charming friendship-focused soireé to celebrate. You’re as committed as ever to nurturing the friendships and bonds that support your long-term goals and dreams, so it’s time to put them in the spotlight. Venus will be dancing with Neptune while activating your relationship sector, increasing your desire for a fairytale romance—but be careful, as you could unintentionally confuse platonic love for romantic.


Take the lead and follow your heart, Leo. With love planet Venus transiting your sixth house of due diligence, it’s all about the details, and you’ll stop at nothing to show your Bumble crush some love this Valentine’s Day. This is all the more prominent with the moon hovering over your tenth house of traditions and leadership, so you’re more likely to prioritize the look, feel, and aesthetics of this amorous day. The moon will be challenged by Mars and Pluto, so it’s probably best to steer away from asking for help, as it could be the opposite of your vision. Trust that you know the best way to celebrate your Bumble crush. 


The moon transiting your exploratory ninth house this Valentine’s Day means you’re up for a little adventure, Virgo, so why not turn on Travel Mode or expand your distance filter to see who you can connect with further afield? Love planet Venus will also be dazzling your heart-centered fifth house of love while joining dreamy Neptune in your relationship sector. To say that romance is in the air would be an understatement. Remember that despite being a perfectionist, there’s more available to you via spontaneity and experimentation, so don’t be afraid to embrace your free-spirited side.


Thanks to the moon in your eighth house of intimacy, you’re feeling the love this Valentine’s Day. Venus is lighting up your fourth house of innermost feelings, which means you’re craving emotional depth just as much as you’re looking for passion and intensity at this time. If you’re unable to spend time with your Bumble crush, don’t hesitate to go on a date with your best friend. The closeness you crave can be found in your platonic connections too.


This Valentine’s Day, the moon will light up your harmony-seeking seventh house of one-on-one connections, putting your relationship with your Bumble crush under the spotlight. Romantic Venus will also join enchanting Neptune to activate your communication sector and fifth house of love, adding a layer of fantasy and magic to your exchanges. Write them a letter if you’re feeling called to; otherwise, don’t hesitate to tell your Valentine how you really feel.


With the moon hovering over your sixth house of wellness, work routines, and lifestyle habits, you may opt for a health-friendly approach this Valentine’s Day. Why not meet up with your Bumble crush for an adrenaline-filled spin class and bond over brunch afterward? Love planet Venus will also be dazzling your second house of values, making you all the more conscious of your time and energy. You’re prioritizing the connections that are worthy of your investment.


Venus is in your sign this Valentine’s Day, which means you’re as charming and amorous as ever, and effortlessly attractive to your romantic interests. The love planet will be in harmony with dreamy Neptune in your third house of the mind, making your exchanges on Bumble all the more whimsical and inviting. As if this wasn’t enough reason to make the most of this amorous day, the moon will glimmer through your flirtatious fifth house of passion and self-expression. Love is in the air, and you’re well aware of it.


Your home is where your heart is—especially with the moon touching down on your cozy fourth house this Valentine’s Day. Interested in cooking dinner for two? You may even opt for some delicious takeout for you and your Bumble crush today, as comfort is key. With romantic Venus in your 12th house of solitude, you may even be craving some well-deserved alone time, so if you’d rather spend the day having a date with yourself, communicate that with your Bumble crush and strike up the romance later in the week.


Despite being an enigmatic water sign, you’re in the mood to schmooze and socialize this Valentine’s Day. This is especially true with the moon glimmering through your third house of communication and community. If you’re not on a double date with friends, chances are you’re in the comfort of your own home, getting to know your Bumble crush better. Love planet Venus will also be in harmony with Neptune in your sign while lighting up your eleventh house of social networks, making it the perfect time to open Bumble.