How to Navigate Dating During Your Saturn Return

By Valerie Mesa

If you read your love horoscope regularly, then chances are you’re no stranger to the planet Saturn. But have you heard of a Saturn return? The phrase “Saturn return” refers to the taskmaster planet returning to the same place in the cosmos that it was at your time of birth. It takes around 29.5 years for the planet of discipline and structure to fully orbit around the sun, so if you’re reading this between the ages of 27-30, you’re entering your Saturn return. This is a period where astrology tells you: it’s time to grow up. 

Due to Saturn’s connection with themes of burden, karma, and restriction, some can stress over this coming-of-age transit—but don’t fear! This is a time where you can reap the rewards of putting in the work to prioritize yourself and your needs, especially when it comes to dating.

The planet’s “tough love” approach is here to assist you in stabilizing and solidifying who you truly are. This, in turn, will lay the foundations for what you need in a romantic partner, meaning your Saturn return can serve as a pivotal moment in your love life. Saturn’s effect will have you learning how to maintain firm boundaries when dating, while being encouraged to release expectations and preconceived notions. When connecting with your Bumble crush, be clear with your intentions for the future. Steer away from elusive relationship dynamics that lack the clarity and stability you seek.

Wondering how to best navigate dating during your Saturn return? Read on for both your and your Bumble crush’s sun and rising signs.


Your Saturn return has everything to do with exploration and self-discovery. During this period of reflection and introspection, it’s important to be wary of any romantic connections where you may be trying to force the outcome. Instead of succumbing to the needs and wants of those who pique your interest, consider this an opportunity to refocus on yourself and figure out what you’re looking for when it comes to a partner. With Saturn activating your 12th house of healing and surrender until 2026, the old ways of your identity are dissolving and you’re redefining your values. This will put you in the best position to make the most of your dating life.


Do you and your Bumble crush share similar hopes, ideals, and aspirations? With Saturn returning to your 11th house of community for the next three years, there’s greater emphasis on your sense of belonging in the world, and contribution to society at large. Reflect on how this plays into your romantic pursuits: are you connecting with people who have an aligned purpose? Do you share the same values? Your Saturn return will likely challenge your romantic ideals, as it’s presenting you with an opportunity to practice self-awareness and break free from an outdated way of being. Get ready for a marked shift in what you need from a romantic partner. 


Is your romantic interest supportive of your professional goals and responsibilities? Themes surrounding your career, notoriety, and sense of authority are under Saturn’s scrutiny at this time, so accountability is everything. If you’re feeling burned out, consider talking to your Bumble crush for support. Showing your vulnerability could help deepen your bond and move your relationship forward. Whether for better or worse, you could be under a lot of pressure at work during this time, and may even feel the need to prove yourself to others. Try to avoid this way of thinking. Instead, consider this an opportunity to reflect on what success means to you, and discuss it with your Bumble crush to see if you’re aligned.


You’re being called to prioritize the people who support you through the good times and the bad, Cancer. As Saturn transits your ninth house of philosophy and individual experiences, you may be holding onto negative experiences from the past and feeling more pessimistic about the value that romantic relationships can hold in your life. But don’t let this energy define your future. Discern between what you’ve been through versus what you wholeheartedly believe to be possible when it comes to love. Work at centering romance in your life again, and look for qualities such as kindness, empathy, and positivity in your Bumble crush. You’re ready to find your rock. 


Your Saturn return is essential to the foundation of your current and future commitments. With the taskmaster planet transiting your eighth house of intimate connections, you’re called to confront everything from your emotional attachments to your approach to dating. Themes of rebirth are emphasized, so it may feel as though your love life is in the midst of a significant transformation. This is all the more reason to be honest with your Bumble crush, and more importantly, yourself. The dating life you desire may require you to confront your past struggles, but there’s no reason to be ashamed of your vulnerabilities. Open up to your Bumble match for the opportunity to deepen your bond. Outdated relationship patterns are dissolving, and this will work in your favor.


The topic of relationships is especially prominent during this period as Saturn returns to your seventh house of committed partnerships. You’re more likely to approach your Bumble crush with maturity and pragmatism, and Saturn will only emphasize this, shedding light on whether or not you’re pursuing something sustainable. The key to your Saturn return is to be as authentic and as objective as possible with your romantic interest. This transit can also speak to your unconscious projections towards others, such as the expectations you have for a lover. So ask yourself: are your current connections rooted in reality? This coming-of-age transit is here to help stabilize your commitments as well as urging you to take full responsibility for yourself, so you can meet the person you’re dating halfway. 


Do you share similar routines and responsibilities with your crush? Your Saturn return has everything to do with cultivating a productive and healthy lifestyle, as the taskmaster planet is helping you strengthen both your mental and physical wellbeing. Honoring your daily rituals is a priority during your Saturn return, so if you find it nearly impossible to schedule time to connect with your Bumble match, make sure you’re being upfront when communicating with them. This will encourage you and your crush to practice accountability in your connection, despite any unexpected rain checks. If you’re hoping to maintain a healthy fitness routine, consider this an opportunity to explore active date ideas with your crush.


Your Saturn return is bringing structure to your amorous fifth house of love, creativity, and self-expression. Until February 2026, the taskmaster planet will assist you in solidifying everything from your self-confidence to the way you approach dating and romance. Here, Saturn provides you with the discipline needed to make self-love your first love. Setting boundaries will be an integral part of your Saturn return experience. For example, if you find yourself being bowled over by someone and catching feelings quickly, Saturn wants you to take responsibility for yourself first. This may mean recognizing where you two aren’t compatible and assessing whether that can be overcome before you develop the relationship further.


You’re used to being the eternal wanderer of the zodiac, but your Saturn return is asking you to take stock and put down roots. Until 2026, Saturn will bring awareness to the need for security and discipline, both in your domestic environment and your romantic pursuits, in order to build strong foundations. If you’re not making changes to your current living situation, then you may simply be feeling the need to think more about where you’d like to settle in the future. You may also be drawn to thinking about how a partner makes you feel safe in a relationship. Although discussing these factors with your Bumble crush can be easier said than done, it’s best to be as candid as possible. Your comfort zone might feel shaky but Saturn is helping you cultivate a sense of inner security.


Is your Bumble crush mentally stimulating you, or are they keeping you guessing? Your sign is ruled by the taskmaster planet, which could be the reason why your Saturn return feels less stressful than others—but there’s still work to do. While returning to your curious third house of communication, Saturn urges you to pay attention to your thoughts and communication style. For instance, where you were quick to give a romantic interest the benefit of the doubt, you’re now more likely to approach the situation with some critical thinking. The same goes for the tone of your exchanges while messaging your crush. Saturn’s on track to help dissolve the illusions and fantasies that could’ve altered your perception of reality once upon a time.     


If your dating life feels bogged down by the weight of your financial responsibilities, don’t be discouraged. Themes surrounding your financial stability and sense of security take precedence during your Saturn return due to the planet’s disciplinary nature. Wondering if it’s too soon to talk money with your Bumble crush? If you’re entertaining the thought of taking your relationship to the next level, pay attention to details that require further discussion like individual expenses, or perhaps the stress of having to split the bill at dinner. If you’re experiencing financial anxiety, here are some affordable date ideas. This return will help you solidify everything from your identity to the foundation you’re hoping to establish, so be as upfront as possible with your romantic connections.


Do you feel confident and authentic in your identity? Seeing as Saturn is journeying through your sign, your Saturn return is especially personal, and an old persona of yours is dissolving. This will encourage a deeper understanding of who you are—which, in turn, will more than likely influence your dating life. Fortunately, the more you get to know yourself, the more assertive you are when approaching your Bumble matches. Take your time deciding on next steps, even if that requires a bit of soul searching before developing a relationship with your crush. Otherwise, this is all the more reason to discuss your personal and professional goals with them to ensure you’re aligned. Your Saturn return is bringing structure to your sense of self, and leveling you up in the process.