Active Date Ideas to Try With Your Bumble Match

By Danielle Kam 

Active dates are the perfect opportunity to get to know your Bumble match. You may think of the classics like hiking, a workout class, or bowling, which are all great options, but there are so many other ways you can get energetic on a date. If you’re on the hunt for some new (and a few tried-and-true) active date ideas, look no further.

Head to the climbing wall

Whether you’re a climbing veteran or you want to try out this popular sport, going to your nearest indoor climbing wall with your Bumble match is a great, casual date. You can hype each other up on those trickier routes, and get to know each other in between taking turns on the wall. 

Go white water rafting

Get the adrenaline pumping with your Bumble match as you ride the rapids together. The combination of fast-paced paddling through rocks and waterfalls and chatting as you float down peaceful stretches of the river is a great balance of excitement and calm. 

Have fun at an indoor trampoline park 

Show off your playful side to your Bumble match by heading to a trampoline park. See who can jump the highest and impress each other with any gymnastic tricks you may have up your sleeve. As a bonus, these parks usually feature a foam pit; what’s more fun than jumping in with your date and working together to dig your way out?

Go to a ropes course

Navigating a ropes course with your Bumble match takes an active date to a new level. Not only will you get a great physical and mental workout, you’ll get a chance to deepen your bond by working together and supporting each other as you overcome the challenges of the course.  

Find or create a scavenger hunt 

With your Bumble match, set yourself fifteen challenges to complete in your local area within a certain timeframe. A good place to start is to decide on five objects to find and take a photo of, like a fire hydrant or an out-of-state license plate, just as examples. For something more personal, head to a department store, set a 20-minute timer and a budget, and challenge each other to find a gift that matches the other person’s personality. If you aren’t keen on making up your own activities, many cities offer group scavenger hunts that you can join. Either way, running around with your date trying to complete challenges is a fun way to make memories together. 

Have a biking date

The great thing about a biking date is that the level of activity is completely up to you: you can take a leisurely ride in the park, a more intense ride on a trail, or head to a favorite nearby destination or photo-worthy viewpoint. You can also make this date even more romantic by renting a tandem bike.

Get your skates on

For a retro date that’ll get you moving, head to your nearest roller rink or grab a pair of rollerskates and meet at the local park. You’re bound to have some laughs trying to keep your balance—and if you fall over, it’s just a reason for your Bumble match to hold your hand as they help you up again. For even more fun, see if the roller rink hosts a disco night where you can dance the date away together. 

Stand up paddleboarding

For a relaxing date that’ll end in laughter with someone inevitably falling into the water, try out stand up paddleboarding (SUP) with your Bumble match. Get to a nearby beach or lake and rent some boards to head out alone together—or take a SUP class for a more guided experience. And if you’re extremely clumsy, that’s where half of the fun lies.

Take a dance class

Whether you’re both trying a new type of dance (hip-hop? Salsa?) or you’re already pros, taking a class together can be a fun way to learn a new skill or impress your Bumble match with your moves. Not only is this date active, but it ups the intimacy so that any spark has a chance to flourish.

Have a friendly competition 

Competition can be a great way to get active while bonding. Anything can be turned into a fun bet—just remember to be gracious if you lose! If you need some inspiration, try some old-school field day games like a potato sack race or an egg-and-spoon race. It’ll almost certainly devolve into laughter, and maybe even make for a funny memory on a future date!