Think Your Bumble Profile Could Use a Makeover? Try These Tips 

No matter how long you’ve been using Bumble, there’s always an opportunity to make new connections. But if you’ve been using the app for a while, or are starting to experience symptoms of dating fatigue, it may be time to give your profile a makeover. Whether you make small changes, like swapping in new photos, or bigger ones, like writing a whole new bio, revamping the content on your profile can help usher in a whole new variety of matches. Here are our top tips for making over your Bumble profile.

First, make sure you’re covering the basics

Before you start editing your existing Bumble profile, first make sure that you’ve already covered the basics. That means verifying your profile and filling out all six photo slots. Make sure your first photo is one of you alone so potential matches can instantly identify who the profile belongs to. And adding your basic information Badges will easily relay information about your height, education level, religious views, what you’re looking for, and more (plus, it will help other daters find you). There’s also a Bumble bio section and Profile Prompts that can be used to share more personal details about yourself, and up to five interest Badges that can be added to your profile to let other Bumble members know about your hobbies and interests.

Add more detail and variety anywhere you can

Completing the profile basics is a good first step. But if you’re only including minimal information, and your profile looks empty compared to others in the queue, it can be easy for potential matches to skip over it. (After all, if you’re demonstrating that you’re not going to put much effort into your dating profile, it could mean you’re not willing to put much effort into dating.) 

Here’s a great place to start your profile makeover: review each section of your profile and see where you can add more details and variety into your responses. If you only included three Interest Badges on your profile, can you think of two more? If you included both “bars” and “wine,” could you streamline by going with just one of those options and adding an interest from the “sports” or “values and traits” categories to mix it up? Can you choose three Profile Prompts that will allow you to share about different areas of your life, like work, your personal goals—and your go-to karaoke song? Showing different sides of yourself will give potential matches more possible commonalities—and more reasons to connect with you. 

Mix up your profile Badges and Prompts

If you’ve already maxed out the number of Interest Badges and Profile Prompts you can add to your profile, well done! By sharing those details with other Bumble members, you’re giving potential matches multiple ways to start a conversation. Whenever you start to feel like your profile could use a makeover, try switching up at least one Interest Badge and two of your current Profile Prompts. If your Interest Badges have been highlighting your preferences when it comes to going out, like gigs and drag shows, try switching in a new Badge that relays something different about your personality, like your musical tastes or favorite travel destinations. You could also consider answering a different Profile Prompt. 

Be more thoughtful about your Profile Prompt responses

Bumble has over 40 Profile Prompts to choose from. You can add your answers to up to three on your profile, the goal being to showcase your personality and give potential matches deeper insight into what you’re about. Of course, in order for that to work, you have to be intentional with your answers. Ideally, your responses to the Prompts you select for your profile will give potential matches a glimpse into your lifestyle and a sense of your humor, while also alerting them to things you have in common. Don’t just answer, If I could have a superpower it’d be… with something basic like “flying” and leave it at that. Elaborate on why you want to fly or where you’d fly to, with something like, “Flying so that I can spend time with my two nephews who live in Tokyo whenever I want.” This is a place on your Bumble profile where you can really shine, so have fun with it!

Expand your bio section

We get it, talking about yourself is hard. But the About Me section on your profile is not to be skipped! Putting care and attention into what you write in this section shows other users that you’re genuinely interested in making connections, so make sure to write more than just a few words or sentences. And don’t forget to talk yourself up—this is the perfect place to tell potential matches how great you are! If you’re not sure where to start, try to think of some conversation starters. Pick a few interesting facts about yourself—ones that demonstrate your general outlook, sense of humor, or another one of your characteristics—then pose a question that could inspire potential matches to make the first move. You don’t need to share your life story, but you do want to give those reading your profile enough information to want to match with you.

Keep the focus on what you’re looking for

It’s good to know what you don’t want. But using your Bumble profile to list out the things you aren’t looking for in a partner projects a negative vibe, which can ward off potential matches. So the next time you’re doing an update, it’s a good idea to read through each section of your profile and consider how you can reframe your content with a positive spin that focuses on what you do want, and what you are looking for. For example, instead of saying “if you can’t camp, don’t bother,” try writing that you’re “looking for someone to go on outdoor adventures with.” This makes your intentions clear without coming across as judgmental or pessimistic.
Sometimes all you need to get to a new match, or even to rediscover your enthusiasm for dating, is a little profile refresh. Making sure that you put your best, most authentic self forward can lead to a whole world of new possibilities.