Your 2024 Love Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

2024 is upon us, and the cosmos is on track to bring a lot of change to your dating life this year. In February, Venus will join forces with Pluto in Aquarius on the 17th, and Mars on the 22nd. These unconventional Venusian transits encourage you to experiment in your love life, and invest in relationships that support your individuality. 

When Venus enters Pisces on March 11, the love planet is looking to heighten your amorous experiences, so a Bumble connection may start to feel like a fairytale if you inject a little more romance into your interactions. There will also be a lunar eclipse in Libra on the 25th, so expect a full-circle moment in your connection, whether that be moving on to the next stage of your relationship or the closing of a chapter.

One of the most promising transits of 2024, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, will take place on May 23. Venus brings love, while Jupiter brings abundance and expansion. And when together in a sign like Taurus, these positive traits are on track to come through with stability and security. This could explain your decision to take things to the next level with your Bumble crush, or commit to nurturing the security of your connection. Breakthroughs in your approach to dating are also on the horizon during a Venus cazimi on June 4, which is when a planet is in the heart of the sun. Explore your curiosities under this energy and get to know your Bumble crush better. Ask more questions, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Wondering what the stars have in store for your love life in 2024? Read on for both your and your Bumble crush’s sun and rising signs.


The North Node—that is, the energy guiding you forward—continues to supercharge your sign throughout 2024, encouraging you to lead with your own needs when connecting with your Bumble crush. This could be confidently starting tricky conversations, or expressing your deepest desires. A lunar eclipse will touch down in your relationship sector on March 25, bringing clarity to a connection you’re either ready to let go of or are interested in exploring more. Flirtatious encounters are inevitable during this year’s Venus cazimi on June 4, so don’t hesitate to make the first move on your Bumble crush. Your biggest challenge? Being crystal clear with your romantic interests, especially if you’re openly exploring a connection with more than one person.


With Uranus direct on January 27, followed by a highly anticipated conjunction between Venus and Pluto on February 17, the year gets off to an unexpected start. You’re on the precipice of a transformation in your dating approach, so this is the perfect time to update your Bumble profile or connect with people who aren’t your usual type. Your efforts here will be rewarded when Venus enters Pisces on March 11, as it opens your heart to infinite possibilities. During this time, you can expect your exchanges with your Bumble crush to go from witty and sarcastic to romantic and soft-hearted. On May 23, Venus will join Jupiter in your sign for a fruitful conjunction. Allow yourself to be celebrated, desired, and pursued by your Bumble crush. A romantic connection could be solidified.


This year is about breaking free from your usual dating style and venturing into unknown territory. Are you ready to get adventurous? Venus will collide with Pluto on February 17, followed by Mars in Aquarius on the 22nd. These transits will activate your ninth house of travel, exploration, and self-discovery, so be sure to turn on Bumble’s Travel Mode to connect with folks outside of your home turf. You’re as open-minded as ever during this time, so always remember to put safety first before committing to a spontaneous meeting. A lunar eclipse in harmony-seeking Libra will bring clarity to your fifth house of romance on March 25. This could inspire a highly anticipated conversation with your crush about where the relationship is headed. On June 4, a Venus cazimi in your sign complements your sparkling wit and undeniable charisma, so harness this charming energy and make the first move.


Your perceptions of intimacy and independence are transforming in 2024, and will peak in February when Venus joins forces with Pluto, followed by Mars in Aquarius. If you’ve recently felt blocked in your romantic connections, an intellectually stimulating Bumble match could serve as a catalyst for the next chapter of your love life. This could be an unexpected breakthrough, but keeping an open mind in your dating life this year is key. If you decide to give a romantic interest a shot and explore a deeper connection, Venus’s debut in Pisces on March 11 could transcend limited belief systems when it comes to romance. This may even come into fruition during the full moon in Scorpio on April 23, as it’ll touch down via your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression.


Being fixed in your ways isn’t going to be productive for your love life in 2024. In addition to Pluto re-entering your relationship sector on January 20, it’ll collide with Venus on February 17. Your unconventional, spontaneous nature allows for a transformation in your approach to dating and relationships—and a change in the types of people you match with on Bumble.  If you keep things casual in February, all could change upon Venus’s debut in Pisces on March 11. When your eighth house of intimacy is ignited during this transit, friends can turn into lovers, but a flirtatious Venus cazimi on June 4 could lead you right back to seeking new connections. (Just make sure to communicate kindly with anyone you’re still seeing.) Love planet Venus will eventually join forces with the South Node—that is, what you’re meant to release—on September 3, highlighting what needs to be changed in regards to your mindset or communication style. Set boundaries with yourself in order to obtain the dating life you seek.


Surrender your doubts and fears when it comes to love and romance, and allow new energies to enter your life in 2024. If you’ve been overly preoccupied with your day-to-day routines, you’ll notice a freeing change when romantic Venus enters fantasy-loving Pisces via your relationship sector on March 11. Taskmaster Saturn is hovering over this area of your chart, highlighting everything from the desire to solidify a romantic connection to the commitments you have in place. Being honest with your Bumble crush about your wants and values is integral to this transit, so don’t shy away from asking questions and speaking your truth. You’ll want to refresh your Bumble Bio and profile photos during this year’s Venus cazimi on June 4, as it’ll touch down in your tenth house of public visibility. A solar eclipse on October 2 could initiate the beginning of a significant partnership, but it’s up to you to take the lead.


You’re coming into your own in 2024, Libra. Due to the transformative effects of the sun and Pluto’s debut in Aquarius on January 20, you might want to switch things up on your Bumble profile. Try a new Profile Prompt or update your photos to harness this powerful and liberating energy in your love life. Once you’ve made these updates, allow yourself to be open to new experiences when you date. Setting yourself free and committing to your desires will benefit your love life in a big way, most notably during the lunar eclipse in your sign on March 25. Venus will cazimi in Gemini on June 4, bringing momentum and clarity to your ninth house of exploration. Turn on Bumble’s Travel Mode to find folks with similar goals and belief systems who are just a little further afield.


There are big changes on the horizon for you in 2024, Scorpio. While the first couple of months might feel a little overwhelming, your love life begins to thrive on March 11 upon Venus’s enchanting debut in Pisces via your fifth house of passion and romance. Bonding with your Bumble crush over arts and culture during this time could enliven your connection in more ways than one. There will also be an intriguing Venus cazimi on June 4, turning up the seduction and mental stimulation in your romantic exchanges. Transparent and intimate conversations with your Bumble crush during this time will only deepen your bond. Venus joins forces with Jupiter in Taurus via your seventh house of relationships on May 23, which is nothing short of fruitful when it comes to commitment.


The sun and Pluto’s debut in Aquarius on January 20 could bring a fresh perspective to your approach on Bumble due to a liberating and revelatory synergy between both planets. This makes it a great time to try out Advanced Filters to focus your search and experiment with the traits you’re looking for. Between February 14 and 22, love planet Venus will collide with Mars and Pluto in Aquarius, adding a layer of charm to your romantic exchanges. This new beginning in your love life could really start to kick off upon April’s solar eclipse in Aries on the 8th, as it will charge up your fifth house of romance and self-expression. Use this time to reflect on what you would like to change in your dating life, and don’t be afraid to act on it this year.


A transformative dating experience could be heading your way on January 27 as Uranus direct in Taurus moves through your fifth house of romance, passion, and self-expression. Venus will also be transiting your sign until February 16, bringing harmony and attraction to your personal life. Are you committed to getting to know your Bumble matches and deepening your connections? You’ll be inspired to lead with your heart space upon Venus’s ingress into Pisces on March 11. Your thoughts and communication style epitomize fantasy and romance during this time, but your dating life peaks in May when Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 23rd. Stability supports your romantic connections here, and though it’s not a priority, the physical attraction you share with a Bumble match could be off the charts.


The new year brings great transformation your way, starting with the sun conjunct Pluto in your sign on January 20. The sun rules your relationship sector, and the influence of Pluto adds a calculated component to your dating approach. Taboo themes and the desire to rebel against the norm could be overwhelming at first, but the intellectually stimulating charm surrounding these Bumble connections is highlighted under Venus’ conjunction with Pluto on February 17, followed by Mars on the 22nd. You’re as passionate as ever, but a lunar eclipse in your fifth house of romance on March 25 brings clarity to a connection you’ve invested in or idealized. Does this love story align with your values? 


Free your mind and let your heart be your guide, Pisces. If you felt inhibited in your romantic exchanges or found yourself overthinking your Bumble connections in 2023, Uranus direct in Taurus on January 27 brings a newfound awareness to your third house of communication and perspectives. You surrender unconscious themes of self-sabotage upon Venus’ conjunction with Pluto on the 17th, followed by Mars on the 22nd. Your previous fears about dating and romance were merely an illusion, and you’re seeing this firsthand in 2024. Venus returns to your sign on March 11, gifting you with a chapter of harmony and romance, and your charms become difficult to resist.  Opportunities for attraction and romance are abundant in May when Venus collides with your traditional ruler, Jupiter.