10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Photos on Bumble

Your photos are the first part of your Bumble profile that a potential match sees, so it’s important that who you are and what matters to you can be seen in your chosen pics. There are six photo slots you can fill to show off every side of your personality, so make sure to use them all and showcase the photos of yourself you like the most (just remember to adhere to our guidelines!).

Read on to see how you can make the most of your photos on Bumble to help draw in the connections that are right for you. 

Show your face first

Start with a photo that’s clear, recent, high-quality, and shows your whole face (without sunglasses). Potential matches want to see who you are right away, so save the boat party pics and artsy shots for later in your profile. (Don’t have any photos that make you feel confident? Check out these tips for how to take the best Bumble profile pics.)

Verify your profile photos

Bumble’s Photo Verification feature is available to help prevent fake accounts on the app. By verifying your own profile photos, it shows other members that you look like the photos you’ve uploaded. This can add an extra layer of reassurance for folks interested in your profile, and can help lead to new connections.

More is more 

Adding only one or two photos to your Bumble profile can hold you back from showing all sides of yourself to potential matches. Fill all six photo slots with a combination of selfies, candids, and group pics that represent who you are and your interests.

Furry friends up front

If you have a pet, you know they’re a huge part of your life. If you’re looking for someone who’ll treat your fur baby just as well as you, go ahead and give Cookie a cameo—just make sure you’re also in the photo. If you really want to feature your pet on your profile, add an Interest Badge about them, too! 

…and non-furry friends too

You’re your best self with your friends, so don’t be afraid to upload the photo from that squad trip where you’re laughing into the camera. These photos can show your playful and social side, but just remember to get consent from the other people featured in the pic beforehand. Other golden rules: only choose one or two photos including other people, and keep them lower down on your profile. Your potential match wants to see you first! 

Keep it recent

We all have a tendency to latch onto amazing selfies, even if they were taken a year or two ago. But our recommendation is to skip out on photos that are no longer representative of who you are. You’ll feel better showing up to that first date knowing your match will be able to spot you through the crowd.

Show a slice of your life

Photos that highlight something you love are a great way to draw in people with similar interests. Marathon runner? Post a photo from your last race, and you might find someone who participates in 10ks at the weekend. Cocktail connoisseur? Show off the cute pic of you holding your favorite tipple, and you may be toasting with someone new sooner than you think.

Use Bumble’s Best Photo feature

It can be hard to decide which photo to lead with, so let us do the work for you! Bumble’s Best Photo feature uses technology to ascertain which of your first three Bumble profile photos gets the most right swipes, and then puts that pic first on your profile. Just turn on the setting and we’ll take it from there.

Cut the crop

Seeing a photo where your ex is cropped out or an emoji has been strategically placed over their face can be off-putting for other Bumble daters. If there’s someone you don’t want to feature in a photo, consider replacing the photo with a solo shot of you doing something you love.  

See the bigger picture

Lastly, consider how your profile photos look as a whole in order to draw in the kind of matches you want. Looking for something fun and casual? Ramp up the flirty selfies and photos from nights out. Ready to settle down? Lean in to those lifestyle photos that showcase your hobbies and interests. Highlighting your intention in your photos can help attract people who’re on the same page as you. 

Now that you’ve given your photos a refresh, make sure the rest of your profile fits the bill too. See our tips here for updating your Bumble profile. You might be surprised at what a little time and effort can do for your dating life.