What’s a Healthy Level of Pre-Date Sleuthing?

We’re all guilty of channeling our inner detective when we want to learn more about another person. Before the first meet up with a future BFF or significant other, what’s considered a healthy amount of sleuthing? We’ll help you figure out how much pre-date research should be going on before you leave the house.

Are they real?

Most people worry whether who they think they’re talking to is really who they say they are online. The first thing you want to do is make sure their photo is verified. The blue check next to their name will at least let you know you’re not getting catfished.

Keep the research light

Ideally, your pre-date stalking should be light. Check whether you have any mutual friends and do a quick Google search of their name to make sure no negative newspaper headlines come up. Beyond verifying that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are, a dangerous rabbit hole awaits. Don’t fall down it.

When it comes to researching our matches, do we really need to know which restaurants they brunch at? Or what kind of tweets they favorited on their inactive Twitter account from three years ago? Real life vibes are more telling than judging a person by their curated Instagram feed and retweets. 

In any relationship, you want to find things you like about the other person first. You want the perception of your date to be developed when you’re talking with them IRL. Social media stalking should be quick, especially if their profile pictures are verified. Its purpose is to provide some peace of mind that your upcoming date is safe, not to discover as much as you can about them before you actually meet them.

Think of the mystery as a prize you’ll achieve in person. You owe it to yourself to form your impressions face-to-face.

Enjoy those prizes!