How to Prepare Your Relationships for Venus Retrograde

By Amelia Quint

Are you ready for a relationship reset? Then you’re in luck, because this winter’s Venus retrograde is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and value—and when it’s in retrograde, the stars help you refresh your approach to all three. If your romantic or sexual priorities have shifted during the pandemic, this phase gives you time to catch up. We all get stagnant in our habits, and this is a reminder that even your closest relationships and most comfortable routines need a little TLC from time to time.

Venus retrograde lasts for 40 days (or about five weeks) every year and a half, giving you a little over a month to make over your approach to romance, self-care, and your worth. This time around, it lands in Capricorn, traversing the sign associated with commitment and long-term goals between December 19, 2021 and January 29, 2022. If you do decide to start a new relationship or cross a major romantic milestone this season, you’ll want to have a clear conversation with your partner to make sure it’s aligned with your shared vision for the future. That way, you’re ready for a serious shift as you forge ahead together.

That’s because Venus will align with Pluto three times during this period, on December 11, December 25 (yes, Christmas Day!) and March 3, 2022. It may not be an official planet anymore, but astrologers still associate it with moments of regeneration, where you make a huge change for the better. Wherever this lands in your horoscope, be ready to let go of what’s not working and embrace something bigger and more beautiful, even if it feels like a stretch.

How will Venus retrograde affect you? Read on to find out what the stars have in store for your zodiac sign! (Be sure to read for your sun and rising signs, and for your friends too!)


What’s your five year plan? Thanks to Venus retrograde in your career sector alongside transformer Pluto, you have the chance to set new goals that will not only be more satisfying, but will make a big impact on the communities and causes you care about. The trick? Recognizing that you’ve got the power to affect real change through your work and upgrading your professional bucket list to focus on building a long-term legacy. Better yet, you could secure a meant-to-be mentor that fast-tracks your growth.


Your grounded sign can be quite the homebody, but when Venus retrograde links arms with magnetic Pluto in your expansive ninth house, you’re pulled out of your comfort zone and into uncharted terrain. Whether it’s through travel, a new course of study, or immersing yourself in another culture, this journey is all a part of your growth. When it’s all said and done, your world feels so much wider and full of possibility, but it starts with your belief that it’s safe to explore.


You love trading memes and motivation with your go-to confidants, but when Venus retrograde stirs up your intimacy zone along with heavy-hitting Pluto, it’s time to go deeper in your relationships. It’s an exercise in vulnerability, and you’ll learn what you’re willing to share versus keep private. Don’t be surprised if this brings up feelings from the past so you can process them and move on for good. After this, you’ll let go of any emotional baggage and feel so much lighter.


It’s time to completely rewrite your approach to one-on-one connections of all kinds as Venus retrograde moves into your partnership zone. Alongside transformer Pluto, it’ll represent a total love metamorphosis. You realize there’s no one perfect paradigm when it comes to romance, friendship, and creative collaboration, and it opens you up to the beauty of relating to each person just as they are. It’s an ideal time to talk about the future and make sure your goals are clear and aligned.


It may not be glamorous, but if you want love, you have to make room for it on your schedule. With Venus retrograde in your health and habits zone hand-in-hand with intense Pluto, it’s time to prioritize romance, no matter how demanding your schedule. It’s also a great time to upgrade the self-care routines that make you feel beautiful, whether that’s a skincare splurge or personal trainer to hold you accountable to your goals. If you put in the work, this phase can be a serious glow-up, inside and out!


You’re fastidious when it comes to checking things off your to-do list, but with Venus retrograde in your pleasure zone alongside the attraction planet Pluto, you’re reminded of just how important it is to have fun. Flirting with a crush (or two), exploring new things with a longtime partner, or indulging in passion projects reconnect you to the power of play. Remember, it’s not frivolous to enjoy yourself. In fact, you might just discover that it’s essential to your long-term success.


Keeping the peace is your sign’s strong suit, but when Venus retrograde lands in your home and heart sector with Pluto—a force for transformation—you can’t ignore your feelings anymore. Creating a sanctuary space where you feel safe to let all those emotions out is what this period is for, whether it’s an altar in your home, an hour on your therapist’s books, or a journal where you can vent your unfiltered dreams and fears. It’s an excellent time to reach out to family, however you choose to define it.


Secrecy is your default setting, but when Venus retrograde lands in your community-focused third house alongside Pluto, you’re ready to open your social circle wide to let in much-needed support. You redefine your friendship priorities so you can surround yourself with more people you admire and want to learn from. It’s also a communication reset that helps you speak your mind with more confidence, but first, you have to embrace the fact that your voice has power.


With Venus retrograde in your value sector alongside magnetic Pluto, it’s time for you to upgrade your mindset when it comes to wealth and security. It’s about time you disentangled your self-image from your bank balance or job title, and when you separate them, you’ll see so much more beauty in both. It’s an incredibly powerful few weeks for investing in yourself, so write down your goals and get ready to live a much more luxurious life. 


If you’ve ever wanted to give yourself a makeover, this is your moment! Venus retrograde in your sign with regenerative Pluto gives you the chance to overhaul your life, from your wardrobe to your worldview. Your hardworking sign rarely takes time off, but during this period, be kind to your body and rest. Get a full night’s sleep, hydrate, and allow yourself enough time and space to see the beauty all around you. After all, there’s no better glow than the kind that comes from self-love.


When Venus retrograde and Pluto, the planet of attraction, team up in your imaginative twelfth house, it’s time to upgrade your dreams. If you find you’ve outgrown a few of your cherished goals or that they’ve lost that sense of magic, embrace how far you’ve come and trade them in for ones that are more in sync with the new you. A retreat works wonders, so plan ahead for a week, day, or even just an afternoon where you can turn your out-of-office message on and your mind off.


Your sensitive sign has lots of love to give, but are you getting the same in return? With Venus retrograde in your groups sector alongside intense Pluto, you get serious about boundaries and connect with friends, mentors, and professional networks that support your growth instead of pushing you to your limits. When you block, mute, or unfollow people who don’t resonate with you, it creates more space for the right people to find their way into your life and cheer you on.