Love Is In The Air — And The Stars! Check Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope

by Amelia Quint

Deep down, we can all find something to love about Valentine’s Day. It’s beautiful to appreciate all kinds of bonds, and even better when you add chocolate and flowers! Whether you’re planning to spend it with a significant other, best friend, ‘work wife’, or just yours truly, the stars are aligned for you to infuse a jolt of fresh energy into all your relationships.

What does this Valentine’s Day have in store for your sign? For one, it’s not going to be what you expect! Mars and Uranus in sync the day before will inspire you to let your wild side out, and Mars into Taurus in the early morning means you’re willing to work for what you love. One thing’s for sure: your heart will definitely be racing by the time it’s over!

How should your sign celebrate the most romantic day of the year? Read on to find out, and don’t forget to look at both your sun and rising sign for a more complete picture of what’s coming your way!


As the first sign of the zodiac, you always remember the importance of loving yourself. That’s especially true this Valentine’s Day, thanks to an assertive alignment of Mars and Uranus in your sign the day before — the last of its kind in your lifetime! Once Mars moves into your self-worth zone on the 14th, you’re fully aware of how valuable your time and energy is. Make sure you only spend it with people who treasure it as much as you do. The best way to celebrate? Do something luxurious with the ones you know have your back. Whether it’s a five-star dinner or a hot stone massage, there’s no doubt you’ve earned it.


Your sign is usually pretty demonstrative when it comes to displays of affection, but this year, you’re feeling way more private than usual. There’s something special about the time you spend with your loves behind the scenes, when no one’s watching or snapping photos for the ‘gram. You’ll love hanging out in a speakeasy or off-the-beaten-path haunt this Valentine’s Day! It’s all about finding the perfect balance of secrecy and revelation, especially once energetic Mars moves into your sign that morning. You feel empowered when you choose what to share and what to hold back, whether it’s online or in person.


With Mars and Uranus linking up in your friendship zone the day before Valentine’s Day, you’re definitely going to be busy! Be grateful for all the invitations but also respectful of your personal boundaries, especially as Mars moves into your twelfth house of rest that morning. Your best bet? Schedule a retreat with your inner circle. Whether it’s a full-fledged getaway or just a wine night at home, it’s so relaxing to unwind with people that you know support you! It feels almost spiritual, so much so that you might want to try out reading tarot cards for each other or looking at one another’s horoscope. Your bond is meant to be, and the stars agree.


This Valentine’s Day, you’re head over heels in love with your work. It’s a beautiful thing to get to to a place of creative flow, where your ideas come streaming in and your relationship with your co-workers feels just right. With Mars and Uranus sparking your career zone and Mars moving into your collaboration sector, don’t try to fight it. There’s nothing wrong with letting the muse be your valentine this year! Instead of the typical dinner and roses scenario, go wherever you’ll feel most inspired. Even better, invite your artistic partners along with you! They’ll be super appreciative that you took the time to say thank you for their contribution.


You firmly believe that love should feel just like the movies, and this Valentine’s Day is no different. With energetic Mars and wild Uranus linking up in your expansive ninth house the day before, you’re in the mood for a grand gesture. Plus, Mars into your publicity zone that morning means you want to tell everyone about the way you feel. As long as your partner is okay with it, maybe it’s time for you two to become Instagram official! Sweep them off their feet with all the traditional romantic moves like chocolate and flowers, then pour your heart out. You might just get your fairytale ending after all.


There’s no denying it—this Valentine’s Day, there’s only one thing on your mind. With a sizzling alignment between fiery Mars and electric Uranus the day before, and Mars into your audacious ninth house that morning, you’re ready to turn up the heat in your love life. If you already have a partner, it’s an amazing time to try something new and exciting with them. If you’re single, an attraction could pop up out of the blue, or a crush you’ve been trying to keep casual might suddenly become something more. Your sign can be a little bashful about pursuing your desires, but under these stars, don’t be afraid to make the first move!


Since your zodiac sign is associated with partnerships, Valentine’s Day is usually your comfort zone. But a shocking alignment of Mars and Uranus in your relationship sector the day before infuses all your connections with a jolt of fresh energy. If you’ve been feeling like your love life has been in a rut, you won’t after this! With Mars into your intense eighth house that morning, you aren’t willing to settle for surface-level. Go deep in your conversations with lovers, friends, and co-workers. You might be surprised what topics rise to the surface! One thing’s for sure—after this, you’ll be closer than you’ve ever been.


For your intensely private sign, love is something that’s best kept quiet. You revel in everyday displays of affection, whether it’s having your partner knock something off your to-do list or give you a secret pep talk before a big meeting. With a volatile meeting of Mars and Uranus in your daily routine zone the day before, don’t be afraid to ask for help from the people you love. They’ll be happy to do it! Once Mars moves into your relationship zone that morning, you’re cosmically activated by competition. A kickboxing or krav maga class gets your blood pumping! Or, see if you can one-up each other behind closed doors.


Your freewheeling spirit doesn’t always get the sentimentality of Valentine’s Day, but you do always welcome a chance to celebrate! When Mars and Uranus align in your crushes and creativity zone the day before, it feels so good to flirt with new people and ideas. Your playfulness is contagious! Once Mars moves into your health and habits sector the day after, you’ll have lots on your plate, but simple reminders of beauty make your day so much better. Splurge on roses for your desk, cookies for the whole office, or a fragrance that can give you a midday mood lift. It’s been a while since you felt this good, so be in the moment and enjoy it.


Your sign spends so much time working that the moments you do spend with the people you love are truly sacred. That’s what this Valentine’s Day is all about for you, Capricorn. When Mars and Uranus meet in your emotions zone the day before, you can’t hide from your feelings anymore. Put your professional life on hold and give yourself the physical space where you can just be, whether it’s renting a hotel room or building a home altar. Once Mars moves into your pleasure zone that morning, you can spend time in that sanctuary doing things with no other purpose besides the joy of it. Your body will thank you.


You can try to hide it, but we all know you secretly love Valentine’s Day! This one’s especially exciting, thanks to Uranus — your ruling planet — syncing up with energetic Mars in your networking zone the day before. Whether it’s a text, DM, or IRL conversation, what you talk about today packs a powerful punch. Mars heading into your emotions sector that morning amplifies the effect, helping you open up about raw emotions that need healing. You like to keep things calm and collected, but under these stars, it’s best to let it out. Even better, try writing about the way you feel in a journal entry or poem!


As the zodiac’s romantic, your hopes for Valentine’s Day are incredibly high. That said, a wild alignment between Mars and Uranus in your sensual second house means that this year’s festivities are definitely going to defy your expectations! Keep an open mind to all kinds of new experiences, especially new foods, music, films, and more. Mars into your kindred spirits sector that morning means there’s a good chance you’ll connect with someone who shares your passions, so hop on the app and start swiping! If that’s not your style, strike up a conversation with someone IRL. A random chat could lead to a surprising romance, so get out and about!