10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas, Besides a Fancy Dinner

By Jess Novak

Valentine’s Day is all about taking the time to celebrate someone you have a connection with, whether that’s a Bumble match, a partner, a friend, or even yourself. If you’re looking to plan something romantic this Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of creative ways to show someone how much you care for them. Here are some Valentine’s Day date ideas to try this year—pick your favorite, or use these as inspiration for a day that’s tailored to your one-of-a-kind relationship. 

Get breakfast for dinner

Instead of taking the traditional route of going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day for a fancy and expensive meal, try the exact opposite and head to a diner for a low-key dinner of pancakes, omelets, and waffles. You’ll definitely have a memorable experience, and unlike an upscale restaurant that might have a time limit on your table, a diner will let you linger as long as you like, so you can make the most of date night. 

Watch the sunset

If you’re looking for a simple, low-pressure Valentine’s Day date idea, grab a bottle of wine (or a sparkling cider!) and head to the beach or a local viewpoint to watch the sunset together. Taking in the beautiful scenery on one of the most romantic days of the year will help both of you feel the love. 

Go to an amusement park

Sure, heading to your local amusement park might seem cheesy, but it’s also pretty adorable. Going on rides and eating junk food is always fun—and any prizes that you win for each other can count as part of your gift exchange. 

Have a wine and chocolate tasting 

Lean into your foodie sides by creating a wine and chocolate tasting for two. Pick up some wine (or non-alcoholic beers and spirits if you’re not drinking) and a selection of chocolates, and then set up your tasting. Challenge each other to come up with the best pairing! Whatever you choose, you’ll have a delicious time. 

Take the day off

There’s something indulgent about being out and about when you’re supposed to be working. If you can swing it, take the day off with your date and choose activities that will feel extravagant on a work day. Going out for a big breakfast at 10am? Watching a romcom in the afternoon? Staying in your pajamas all day? Why not! 

Spend the night at a hotel 

There’s something seductive about spending the night at a hotel, which makes having a one-night staycation in your city a sexy Valentine’s Day date option. You might be able to snag a lower rate with same-day booking. Then, you can spend the night at a swanky hotel bar—or in cozy hotel robes, ordering room service. 

Order the whole dessert menu

If you’re looking to make eating at a restaurant part of your Valentine’s Day plan but want to switch things up, you can make the experience extra sweet by doubling (or quadrupling!) down on the desserts. Instead of ordering appetizers or mains, go all in and order the whole dessert menu. You’ll have a silly and fun time taste-testing all of the desserts and choosing your favorites.

Recreate memories 

If you’ve been dating for a while, reminiscing about your relationship highs is a sweet way to spend Valentine’s Day. You can incorporate memories by surprising each other with an activity based on one of your favorite dates, or give each other gifts based on inside jokes. You can also go all-out and recreate the first time you met for an extra special date.

Create a memory box

If you’re the sentimental type but don’t want to make a whole date out of it, try incorporating a memory box into your night. Bring mementos that you’ve saved from your relationship (movie stubs, playbills, for instance) or print out some of your favorite photos. Place them in a box that you can add to all year, through next Valentine’s Day.  

Try something totally new together 

One way to make this Valentine’s Day one for the books is by trying something that neither of you has done before. Maybe that means going to a jazz concert, taking a pottery class, or heading to dinner in a part of town you’ve never been to before. Whatever you decide, you’ll make a distinct new memory together, and you might even discover something you both really enjoy.