Make IRL Meet-ups Easier Than Ever with New Upcoming Events Badges

We’re introducing yet another new way to quickly find common ground with your matches. Bumble’s new feature, Upcoming Events, lets you showcase your future plans — right on your profile. (Basically, we’re making it easier than ever to decide on a first meet-up with your match.)

Here’s how it works. When you’re swiping, look for the designated Bumble Upcoming Event profiles. If you see an event you plan on going to, match with it. The Upcoming Event will then appear on your own profile, and you’ll also get a notification confirming that it was successfully added.

Another creative way to narrow down the dating pool to people who share your interests is to set an Advanced Filter based on the event you added to your profile. You do this by tapping the notification after you add the event, or going directly to the Advanced Filters screen via Settings.

Don’t worry: Only people who’ve selected the same Upcoming Event can see it on your profile, and you can remove them from your profile at any point. 

You’re able to add up to 3 Upcoming Events to your profile at a time. Once an event passes, it will automatically be removed. Ready to get started? Bumble Upcoming Events are now live!