10 Convo Starters to Use on Bumble While Traveling

Whether you’re going on a solo trip or a vacation with a group of friends, Bumble can help you meet some wonderful people along the way. Maybe you’re looking for a local to show you the city’s hidden spots, or for a fellow traveler who can be your companion for a leg of your trip. Take advantage of the fact that you’re in an entirely different dating pool and try out some of these conversation starters: 

  • If I’m only here for three days, what do I have to see in [city]?
  • Hey! I’m visiting for a few days and wondering where I should get brunch tomorrow. Any suggestions?
  • Hit me with your best hidden gems in [city]. Food, art, shopping, anything!
  • What’s something in [city] that you think is overrated?
  • Hey! I’m only in town for a few days, but I could use a tour guide if you’re down!
  • Okay, which tourist spot here should I *definitely* avoid? 
  • Where should I start my day tomorrow? Sunrise spots or coffee shops—I’ll take suggestions for either.
  • Hey! I’m here on vacation. Where’s the last place you traveled?
  • Any gorgeous views in [city] you can tell me about?
  • This is my last night in town and I’m thinking of hitting up [place], wanna join me for a spontaneous adventure?

If you want to get a head start on matching before your trip, you can use Travel Mode to set your destination and begin swiping on profiles in that area before you arrive. Then, check out our guide to using Bumble while traveling the world. You just might find a holiday romance or a new friend to grab dinner with. Bon voyage!