Need A Thanksgiving Plus One? Here’s How To Find A Great Date On Bumble

If you’re reading this, it means there are fewer than 50 days left until Thanksgiving. And that’s fine! Unless, of course, the thought of sitting solo — yes, we mean single — at the table next to your nosy grandmother or uncle fills you with a dread that not even the most delicious cranberry sauce can cure.

The best way to stave off questions about your personal life, other than fleeing the table while the turkey is still warm? Bring a date to your Thanksgiving dinner. We happen to have more than 70 million potential matches on Bumble! But before you open the app and get swiping, here are a few simple hacks to make your profile stand out — because there are folks out there looking for someone to share their pumpkin pie with too!

Show ‘Em Your Badge(s)

Did you know Bumble has profile badges now, allowing you to show potential matches what you’re all about? This leaves more room for you to be witty in your bio, too. You can let your future plus one know whether you have a dog — or you just want one, like the rest of us. Show off your star sign, and let matches know you’re a voter (democracy is very hot for 2020, trust us). Looking for something serious — or not sure yet? These are easy jumping off points to help your matches break the ice, and they’re available in all three modes (Date, BFF, and Bizz) when you edit your profile.

Face Forward!

It’s hard to reach out to someone you don’t yet know when you can’t see who they are! Take those sunglasses off and shake that hair out of the way when taking a profile photo. If you’re pulling from your camera roll, make sure all your photos are recent and high-quality. Why not have a seasonal rotation? It’s fall, so serve us sweaters, a background of foliage, and a pumpkin spice latte in hand! Oh, and don’t stop at four photos. Our data shows profiles with all six picture slots filled get more matches. Just remember: keep your top on.

Don’t Leave That Bio Blank

This is your opportunity to show off your sense of humor! But if you’re all out of jokes, we like to recommend asking a question in your profile, even if it’s as simple as “gravy or stuffing?” That way, your match can answer you and kick off the conversation in a light, fun way. Have something you do really well, like make a kick-ass cobbler? Let ‘em know! And link to your Spotify and Instagram accounts to give a little more insight into your one-off personality.

We have every confidence that you’ll be good to go for Thanksgiving dinner with this advice, but once you’ve matched with a few potential dates, check out our handy conversation starter generator to get that chat poppin’ before it’s pie o’clock. Looking for more advice? Here are some timeless tips from the Bumble Hive to polish up your profile!