Summer Date Ideas You Need to Try

By Danielle Kam 

There’s so much to love about dating in the summer: you can spend time outdoors when the sun’s out, and there are a ton of warm-weather date options to choose from. We’ve put together a list of ideas for you and your Bumble date to try. 

Play tourist in your own town 

Take the day to explore your city: go to a museum, art gallery, or local landmark that you’ve never visited before. You’ll share a new experience with your date and it’ll give you plenty to talk about whether it’s your first date or your fifth. 

Have a camping date

If you’re both outdoorsy, summer is the perfect time to rough it with a camping date. You can do a quick overnight and “cheat” by bringing cooked dinner, or you can spend the weekend seeing a different side of your Bumble match as they embrace nature. Either way, s’mores are a must.

Try a drive-in movie date 

There’s nothing like a drive-in movie to bring a little old-school romance to your date. Whether you pick a new release or a classic favorite, it’s a chance to share some popcorn with your Bumble match—and hopefully some good conversation after the film’s over. 

Stop by a fair or carnival 

Summer’s the time to reconnect with your inner child when the fair comes to town. You can tap into your competitive streak and try to win each other a stuffed animal prize, or get the adrenaline going on a ride. Don’t forget to indulge in a corndog and some cotton candy on your way home!

Visit a botanical garden 

Escape your usual surroundings and get in touch with nature at your nearest botanical garden or park. Grab a couple of iced coffees and stroll amongst the flowers. It’s a relaxed and romantic way to get to know your date.

Go on a walking tour 

Walking tours aren’t only for vacations—they can be a great way to discover new things in your local area. Seek out a guided ghost tour or create your own itinerary, like finding the best pizza in your city. You won’t be short of topics to discuss and you may stumble upon a new shared interest for you and your Bumble match.

Have a picnic date 

A picnic is a tried-and-true summer date. You can show off your skills putting together a charcuterie board, or involve your date by heading to a farmer’s market to pick out the freshest watermelon before heading to your local park. 

Take an outdoor class

Outdoor classes are a great way to bond with your date by learning something completely new together. Pick from oyster shucking, plein air painting, or a workout you’ve never tried. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be your new favorite hobby, you’ll have made a memory together—or at least something to laugh about later. 

Go on a sunset date 

Scout out the best viewpoint in your local area to watch the sunrise  or sunset, and head down there with your Bumble match to enjoy the romantic scene. If it’s an early start, take a flask of coffee and some breakfast pastries; if it’s the end of the day, bring some wine or sparkling water and savory snacks. Just remember to carry sweaters for when the sun’s gone down!

Try fruit picking 

Fruits like berries and tomatoes are prime for picking this time of year, so check out a nearby fruit farm and make it your next date spot. Take your harvest home and make a fun dish to enjoy together, like a cherry pie or caprese salad. 

Go on a stargazing date

Stargazing for a night with your Bumble date is a great way to quickly strengthen your bond. As the sun sets and the temperature cools, cozy up by the campfire and tell your spookiest ghost stories. When the stars come out, lie back and stargaze together to see how many shapes and constellations you can find.