Bumble Success Story: Andrea + Tina

Andrea Gonzalez and Tina Marshall matched back in November 2015. They just got one step closer to their happily ever after – on May 12th, Andrea proposed to Tina!

Andrea asked if we could help her propose to Tina through the app. Of course, we were all about it. She re-downloaded Bumble onto both their phones during the week of the engagement. We sent Tina a notification saying she matched with Andrea. Once they had re-matched in the app, Andrea popped the question!

Andrea and Tina are our kind of fairytale.

What stood out about their profile?

Andrea: It’s hard to tell a lot about someone from their profile, but she was attractive and seemed cool. She’s also 100% my type. We started talking and immediately clicked. I think I just knew there was something about her.

Tina: Andrea came up on my second swipe. She was a girly femme just like me, which initially caught my eye. There are a wide range of stereotypes that come along with being a lesbian, not to mention being a femme – not many people are sold on the fact that you actually are one. To find someone just like me looking for a partner of the same was hard enough. After clicking on her profile and browsing through her photos I realized she was my dream girl. Beautiful, dark features and into everything I was. It was almost too good to be true. She was smart, educated, and ambitious, and possessed everything I would have looked for in a partner. She was out-of-this world stunning.

How did the proposal happen?

Andrea: We re-matched on Bumble at 7PM the day I proposed to her. I thought she would find it funny, but her first reaction was, “Why do I have Bumble on my phone? I’m not single!”. (I guess that’s a good sign of loyalty.) I explained to her that I downloaded it, and she got the hint. She messaged me on Bumble with the same line she used when we first met (“what’s going on?”). I was super anxious because I knew I was proposing to her at the end of the night. I was so nervous that I forgot my ID at home when we went to get drinks, and we had to go back and get it. In the end, everything worked out perfectly.

Tina: When I first saw that I had a new match I was going crazy wondering how the app got on my phone in the first place. When she popped the question on the app, it not only caught me off guard – it made me cry! It brought me back to the first time we had our conversation and the start of everything. That conversation changed my life forever and so did that night!

As for how Tina proposed to Andrea…

Tina: For weeks I had planned out the perfect proposal. I emailed back and forth with a complete stranger to set things up on the swan boats. Andrea had never been on the swan boats before. (If you lived in Boston for as long as she had, you should have gone on them at least once!) I remember the morning of the 13th like it was yesterday. I’ve never been so nervous in my life! I spent hours, days, and long nights planning everything for it to be special.

We boarded the swan boats and had the entire two back rows to ourselves, just as planned. The weather held off just like I wanted it to. After the boat ride, we started walking toward the bridge where I had a man with a violin play a soft melody, setting the mood. I was holding onto the ring in my pocket, just waiting to find the right moment to get on one knee.

When she said yes it was a rush of happiness – more than I could ever explain. Fireworks went off inside my body. If I could re-live that moment over and over again, I would! A swan boat full of people passed by and screamed “Love is love!” That was just the icing on the cake. 

Thank you so much to Andrea and Tina for sharing your story with us! We’re so happy for you! Congratulations and so much love from The Bumble Hive!

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