10 Spring Date Ideas to Enjoy With Your Bumble Match

By Arianna Stern

Spring is the perfect time for a budding relationship: Leafy trees and new blossoms make a scenic backdrop for dates, and the longer days invite you to get out of the house. Whether you and your date want to get some exercise or cozy up, you’ll have tons of fun options. Below, find date ideas that make the most of the season.

Picnic outdoors 

One of the best things about this classic date idea is that it can be adapted to any budget and location. You and your date can test each other’s culinary skills by making your own dips or sandwiches. Or, if the two of you are nature lovers, you could download an app that identifies plants and admire local flora.

Go paddle boating

Get out of your everyday surroundings and into a rental boat for a refreshing change of pace. Paddle boating encourages you and your date to cooperate and makes for a relaxing afternoon. While you paddle, keep an eye out for interesting birds, or fellow boaters, to inspire conversation. 

Catch a baseball game

Share the excitement of watching your favorite players step up to home plate. You and your date can commiserate about strikeouts, discuss the best games you’ve seen, and split a giant bucket of nachos. Keep it going by hitting up a sports bar after the game lets out.

Volunteer at a community garden

You’ll really get to know your Bumble match when you tackle a project together. Join your date in mulching, weeding, or planting seeds on a shared plot of land. You’ll see how well you work together, and do something good for the neighborhood, too.

Rent a convertible and go for a drive

If winter weather forced you to stay inside, then a ride in a convertible might be the perfect antidote. Take a day trip to a cute small town, or park somewhere picturesque and stargaze. As a bonus, you can also get to know your date’s taste by taking turns with your driving playlists.

Browse a flea market

Compare notes on the antiques and knick-knacks you find at one of these giant markets, which tend to take place outdoors. Other people’s heirlooms could spark your own memories and get the two of you swapping stories. If the date goes especially well, it’ll be easy to take home a souvenir!

Create your own cooking challenge

Stroll through your local farmers’ market and pick out some produce. Asparagus, mushrooms, and strawberries are all in season for spring. Then, challenge your date to make dinner or a side dish using whatever you bought—no recipe allowed. You’ll get to see your date’s skill around the kitchen and enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary meal.

Visit a winery

Non-Californians, take heart: Every region of the U.S. has wineries. Weather permitting, ask for a tour of a nearby vineyard or do a guided tasting. Also, look out for new rosés, which tend to come out in spring! Before leaving, you can also buy a bottle so you and your date can relive the memories.

Go to the aquarium 

Take a leisurely stroll through the exhibits and learn fun facts about fish from all over the world. You and your date can exchange stories about your favorite sea creatures, the wildlife in places you’ve traveled, or childhood outings. As a bonus, you’ll have tons of goofy photo ops!

Get sporty

Before the summer heat makes things uncomfortable, do something active outdoors. Go to a batting cage together and watch each other’s form, or hold hands while roller skating, if you can keep your balance. Exercise is a natural mood-booster, and besides, any fumbling could inspire giggles and inside jokes.