Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s How You Can Celebrate Solo!

By Jess Novak

The most important relationship you have is with yourself, so on Valentine’s Day, a day that’s all about love and relationships, it’s only fitting that you be your own Valentine. Whether you’re single, getting to know a Bumble match, or coupled up, showing yourself some love is always a good thing. So if you’re not sharing this Valentine’s Day with a romantic connection, here are some ways to spend the 14th celebrating you.  

Make yourself a three-course meal 

If you’re someone who enjoys being in the kitchen, make a full three-course meal for yourself. Don’t hold back on the menu just because there’s only one person in attendance—you can always eat the leftovers later. And don’t forget to use the good plates and your best silverware! 

Go on a mini shopping spree 

You know who deserves a gift today? You! Give yourself a budget and grab a friend or head solo to a shopping center. Get yourself something that feels indulgent or that makes you smile. Your gift doesn’t have to be practical, it just has to make you happy.

Focus on self-care

What does self-care look like for you? Is it getting a lot of sleep and going to bed early, going for a walk, or reading? Whatever it is, take the time to really indulge (maybe your walk is extra long today, or you read for hours) and do all of the self-care your heart desires today. 

Have a movie marathon

If you’re looking to steer clear of lovey-dovey content today, have a movie marathon with a rule: the movie can’t be a love story or about a couple. You could also just choose a non-romcom movie genre and stick with it, like action, horror, or sci-fi.

Book a spa treatment

A relaxing trip to the spa feels luxurious and special—exactly what a solo Valentine’s Day is made for. Whether you’re craving a hot stone massage, a facial, or a body wrap, you’ll emerge looking (and more importantly, feeling) great. 

Take time to reflect 

Valentine’s Day is a good time to think about what specific things you love about yourself. Put aside 20 minutes to think about the ways that you’re proud of yourself, what you’ve accomplished, and what you genuinely like about yourself. It can be helpful to write it out, but if you don’t want to, simply spend some time reveling in feelings of self-love.

Have a photoshoot 

One way to feel sexy on Valentine’s Day is by having a photoshoot, whether completely solo or as a fun activity with friends. Choose outfits and a setting that make you feel your best, and have a blast taking photos. If any come out great, you can always use them on your Bumble profile! 

Call your friends and family

Another way to feel the love on Valentine’s Day is by calling friends and family, especially those who are long-distance or who you might not speak with regularly. Taking the time to acknowledge, and maybe reinvigorate, those connections will remind you of the fulfilling relationships you have in your life—and give you the opportunity to show others how much you care about them. 

Host a singles-only cocktail party 

There are few things better than gathering your friends in one place, so on Valentine’s Day invite all your single friends over for a cocktail party to really feel the platonic love (and enjoy some delicious drinks). You can theme the cocktails and mocktails (maybe you have “single lady lemon drops” or “daiquiris for daters”), make a playlist with empowering music, and trade stories about your worst dates. 

Get yourself flowers

If you’re a flower lover, go beyond buying yourself a beautiful bouquet, and instead head to your town’s flower market (or a flower shop) and get a few bunches of different kinds of flowers. Once you bring them home, let your creativity flow by putting together flower arrangements, making sure that no two are the same. You can put them all around your home and enjoy them all week, or give some arrangements to friends as Valentine’s Day gifts.