Your Relationship Reset Guide for 2020, According to Your Star Sign

by Amelia Quint

Do your relationships need a reset? Luckily, the stars have you covered! The energy of the new decade is the perfect time to shed old habits and replace them with healthier ones. Astrologically, how you relate to others is up for review, thanks to the love goddess Venus and passion planet Mars in retrograde, not to mention tough-love Saturn changing signs. It’s intense, but it might be just the push you need to create the partnerships you truly desire. 

How can you make the most of these cosmic shifts? Read for your sign to find out!


Your fiery sign is the most independent one in the zodiac, and this year, you recommit to your freedom. Mars, your planetary ruler, will go retrograde between September and November, reminding you to put your own goals first. If your partnerships have gone a little toward the needy side, some tough love from you can help things get back on track. Instead of chasing after someone, find someone who will help you chase your dreams.


Mercury retrograde in your houses of friends, partners, and groups in February, June, and October overhauls the way you share your feelings with the ones you love. Loyalty is extremely important to you, and if you realize some of the people in your orbit don’t share that same sense of connection, it might be time to let them go and open up space in your inner circle for people who truly appreciate you. Most of all, remember, you deserve to be adored!


You’re usually lighthearted when it comes to matters of the heart, but when love goddess Venus takes a backspin in your sign from May to June, you’re ready to get serious. What do you actually want out of your relationships? This year, it’s time to dig deeper and decide. You’re naturally playful and can have fun with pretty much anyone, but finding someone who feels like a true kindred spirit is a different thing entirely. Luckily, in 2020, you can do just that.


Ch-ch-ch-changes! That’s been the story of your past three years, as game-changing eclipses lit up your sign summer after summer since 2018. You’re wildly different than you were before, and that means your relationships should follow suit. Under the final lunar eclipse in that series on June 21, be radically honest about what you’re looking for out of life, whether it’s professionally or romantically, so you can attract someone who wants the same things you do for your future!


Everyone knows relationships are work, but your fun-loving sign doesn’t like to think of it that way. Still, when responsible Saturn takes a spin through your one-on-one partnerships zone from March to July, you’ll have to put in a little more effort. This year, timing is everything. Scheduling quality time — whether it’s coffee dates with your best friends or a vacation with your love — makes your relationships closer. It’s not glamorous, but it cements your bond for the long haul.


Your sign can sometimes be shy about the level of intimacy you need, but with straightforward Mars retrograde in your vulnerability sector from May to June, it’s time to speak up. This year, you’re craving more physical affection than you have in a long time, so don’t be bashful about stating exactly what you want. Communication is sexy and your sign is great at it, so trust that your partner will be receptive to whatever you share.


In 2020, you start taking your pleasure seriously. With strict Saturn moving through your crushes and creativity zone between March and July, you learn how to prioritize fun. Yes, you’ve got tons on your to-do list, but scheduling in time to meet up with one of your matches or work on an artistic project that fills your soul can actually help you recharge and have more of yourself to give to what you love. And when you’re doing things that bring you joy, you’re more likely to meet someone who will do the same!


You’re a sensitive soul, and in 2020, it’s time to learn how to embrace that. When love goddess Venus spins backwards in your intimacy zone from May to June, you reconnect with what turns you on, and with Saturn in your emotions sector from March to July, there’s a lot of healing to be done. Your best bet? Learn how to love yourself first! There’s nothing more irresistible than someone who knows how to fulfill their own desires, and this year, that’s exactly what you’re going to do.


If your relationships have gotten stuck in a rut, this year will help you climb out of it! Love goddess Venus retrograde in your partnership zone from May to June gives you a gentle nudge towards better habits when it comes to one-on-one connections, and Mars retrograde in your passion sector helps you rekindle that romantic fire if it’s started to fizzle out. Overall, you end the year feeling more beautiful and powerful than you have in a while, and who doesn’t want that?!


You’ve got a habit of putting off your emotions in the name of productivity, but this year, your feelings catch up with you. When Mars retrograde pings your sensitive fourth house from September through November, your heart demands your attention. It’s a wake-up call, but one that helps you align yourself with friends, lovers, and mentors and sustains you rather than depleting your energy. Luckily, you’re already an expert boundary-setter, so when it doubt, that skill will serve you well!


This year, you learn how to balance work and play. With tough-love Saturn in your sign from March to July, you get a sneak preview of just how much you’ll level up over the next two years—and realize that you probably need more support in order to get there. Lucky for you, Venus retrograde in your passion zone from May to June reconnects you with the people, places, and things that make your heart flutter. Remember, love isn’t a distraction if it helps you heal. 


Do you feel worthy of love? You should! With passionate Mars retrograde in your self- and net worth sector from September to November, the universe reminds you just how valuable you are and puts you in a position to connect with people who treat you like the treasure you are. You’ll have to stand up for yourself and maybe even fight for what you love, but you end this experience braver and stronger than ever. This year, you banish your doubts for good.