Rainy Day Date Ideas for When You Really Don’t Want to Go Outside

By Angela Haupt

It might be raining, but that doesn’t have to put a damper on your date plans! Instead of letting the weather wash away your fun, think of it as an excuse to try out cozy—and even adventurous—indoor options with your Bumble match. Here are 10 date ideas that can liven up rainy days.

Have a bowling date

Whether you’re a good bowler or not, heading to a bowling alley with your Bumble match is a naturally playful and low-pressure activity. There are lots of built-in conversation starters and opportunities to show off your moves—or laugh at yourselves. Many bowling alleys also have a snack bar, so you can keep the date going with a shareable snack while you rehash the game’s best (and worst!) moves. 

Head to your local bookstore

Grab warm drinks and a treat at the bookstore cafe, and then put a fun spin on things: Tell your Bumble match that you’ll pick out a book for them, and ask them to do the same for you. In addition to going home with new reading material, you’ll have learned something about each other’s interests—and once you’ve read the book, you’ll have lots of fodder for future conversations.

Make it a game night

If you have a board game cafe nearby, stop in and try one of the dozens of games on hand. Otherwise, pull out one of your favorites from childhood, gathering dust in the downstairs closet. Challenging your date to a game is a great opportunity for some competitive flirting.

Hit up the roller skating rink

Haven’t been roller skating since middle school? No problem: You and your Bumble match can help each other as you figure out how to stay upright on the rink. Expect a fun, festive atmosphere—and if you both end up falling on your butts, well, it’ll be a bonding experience! 

Try a baking date

If you’re comfortable enough with each other, have a baking date at one of your homes. Make something simple that you’ll both enjoy: maybe chocolate chip cookies, caramel corn, or a box of brownies. You and your Bumble match will get to know each other better as you bustle around the kitchen—and figure out how well you work together while collaborating on a tasty treat.

Scale new heights at an indoor rock-climbing facility

If you want to be active but it’s raining outside, look up your closest indoor rock climbing facility. Most offer introductory lessons to help you master the skills: while one person climbs, their partner remains below, belaying their rope. Climbing is an exciting way to try something new together in an environment that demands trust and support.

Pop into a paint studio

Some art studios offer fun events like paint-and-sip classes, which provide you with everything you need to create a masterpiece while enjoying a drink or two. Check out what’s available near you, and then prepare to get artsy. If there aren’t any in-studio options on this rainy day, stop by a craft store to pick up supplies and create a still life at home.

Get nostalgic at an arcade 

Pretend you’re kids again and step back in time at an old-school arcade. Challenge your date to a game of Skee-Ball (or two), and test your skills at favorites like pinball and air hockey. Maybe one of you will win the other a prize in between laughs. If you’re feeling extra competitive, make a bet: Whoever scores the most tickets has to buy dinner.

Get your palms read

Are you and your Bumble match meant for each other? Only time will tell, but your local palm reader might also have some thoughts. Getting your future told together is a fun indoor activity, and it can spark conversations with your date about what you hope awaits you both.

Try your luck at an escape room

See what you and your date can accomplish if you put your heads together: can you find your way out of the Titanic before it sinks? Break out of a prison using only your wits? Escape rooms offer fun puzzles that you’ll need to solve as a team, usually within about an hour—leaving no time for awkward silences.