21 Questions to Ask Your Bumble Crush

By Danielle Kam 

Whether you’re trying to get the conversation started with your Bumble match or wanting to get to know them better after a date or two, sometimes it’s hard to figure out which questions to ask. If you’re struggling to figure out what to ask your crush to deepen your connection, we’ve come up with a list of questions to help. 

Questions to ask based on someone’s profile

When it comes to starting a conversation with a new Bumble match, one of the best places to look for inspiration is their profile. Is there a photo that caught your eye? Did one of their Profile Prompts make you laugh out loud? Did they go to the same college as you? Letting your match talk about themselves in the beginning can help put them at ease and get the conversation flowing. Here are some example questions that you can adapt to reflect your match’s profile: 

  • I love your photo of [say which photo]! Is there a story to go with it? 
  • Hey, we have matching Interest Badges! I love [interest] too. What do you like about it?
  • It looks like our zodiac signs are compatible—we’re off to a good start! Are you into astrology?
  • So how long have you been in [their city]?
  • How was going to school at [their college]?

Questions to ask if you can’t find something to talk about based on their profile 

Not everyone will have a Bumble profile filled with personal tidbits. If a match isn’t giving you much to work with, try asking a direct question. It can be for their advice, opinion, or to gauge their sense of humor. Here are some questions to try:  

  • What’s for lunch today? I need some inspiration. 
  • Extremely important question: sweet or savory?
  • If you could choose a name for yourself other than your own, what would it be?
  • Choose your own adventure, opening line edition. Would you like a) a joke, b) a would you rather or c) a fun fact? 

Questions to ask if you want to skip the small talk 

Small talk can be a comfortable way to ease into conversation with someone new, but it can also feel stagnant and prevent you from really learning more about the person. If you’re more interested in digging deeper with your match and getting to know them on a more intimate level,  try these questions: 

  • What are you most passionate about and why?
  • What were you like as a kid? 
  • What’s something you’ve never told another Bumble match?
  • How would you describe your dating style in three words?

Questions to ask if the match is about to expire 

When a match is about to expire, the pressure can cause you to freeze. Should you go with something funny? A tried-and-true “what’s up”? When you’re stuck, these go-to lines will give you an easy way to get the conversation going:

  • If things were the other way around, what would’ve been your opening line to me?
  • I’d never forgive myself if I let our match expire. That would be tragic, wouldn’t it?
  • [Insert emoji] Sending you my most used emoji before our match expires. What’s yours?
  • Glad I caught you before our time expires. What was the highlight of your last 23 hours?

Questions to ask if you’d rather get right to a date

After a good chat with a match, you may be at the stage where meeting up feels like the right next step. You can suggest a date based on their profile or photos, or ask a more generic, first date-related question. In order to nudge the process forward, try one of these. 

  • So, what’s the vibe for our first date? Drinks? Museum? Something cool I don’t know about yet?
  • On our first date, would you be down to order dessert? Choose wisely, your answer is of utmost importance. 
  • Hey! Based on your pictures it seems like we’re both big foodies. Want to check out that new taco truck downtown? 
  • What’s a first date you’ve always wanted to go on but haven’t yet?

Good luck, you’ve got this!