Philly, Disney, and a Dog Named Mozzarella: How Two Modern Women Fell In Love

Megan and Layla’s modern love story didn’t have the smoothest start. They connected on Bumble, sent messages back and forth for a few weeks, and both cancelled more than once. When they finally did meet, both women were plagued with nerves, making for an awkward first date (albeit over some delicious Chinese food). 

Layla remembers spending the entire time talking about climate change, not letting Megan get a word in. After some water ice from legendary Philadelphia chain Rita’s, the two went their separate ways. Layla was sure she’d blown it, but Megan asked her for a second date a few hours later.

Their next date, a tour of hot spots in Philadelphia’s ‘gayborhood,’ went far better; Megan and Layla soon became inseparable. They spent the summer together, exploring their own city and vacationing in Chicago. They discovered a shared love of Disney movies and bar trivia. By the winter holidays, they’d adopted a dog named Mozzarella (south Philly is the land of Italian food, after all), moved in together and started planning a future. 

What came next is a little difficult for Layla to remember since she blacked out with excitement. She came home from her teaching job to find a balloon with a note attached floating in the living room (which she noted Megan had cleaned)! When Mozzarella came bounding down the stairs in a tiny tuxedo, she knew this was more than just a special date night at home. She met Megan up on their roof; in between hugs and tears, a gorgeous ring made its way onto Layla’s finger.

The wedding is set for winter 2019. In the meantime, here’s more of their sweet story in their own words.

Layla, what was different about this connection?

Meg is the most persistent person that I have ever met. From our first date, I knew Meg would be a keeper. Even after I told her that I wasn’t in the right place for a relationship, she kept pursuing me and refused to give up. I admired that quality and decided to give it another shot. I am so grateful I did.

How does she empower you to be the best version of yourself?

Meg gives me a future to look forward to. I’ve always been ambitious when it came to my career, but she makes me want to be ambitious in my personal life as well. Since we’ve been together we’ve adopted a puppy, moved twice, and purchased a home. We’re getting married in the winter and I never thought I’d actually do that, but Meg makes me want a future with her. I know have a different purpose other than my job. 

Megan, how did you feel making the first move?

Nervous. Layla was way out of my league! 

What are your favorite things to do together?

Enjoying time together in our new home with our puppy, going to Walt Disney World or on vacation, and laughing together.

What advice would you give to people who are nervous to make the first move?

You have nothing to lose, and could gain your best friend!

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