In a Dating Rut? Here’s How to Get out (and Make the Most of Bumble)

For some of us, the path to happily ever after can be a bumpy road. When a dry spell hits — and it inevitably will from time to time — the most important thing to remember is that you are not the problem. No matter what stage of dating you’re struggling with, whether it be matching, messaging, or something else, there’s a way to turn your luck around and show potential suitors that you’re a dynamic, one-of-a-kind person.

To help you stay confident and in control of your destiny, we’ve outlined several common concerns and the best ways to overcome them and get out of the dating rut. Keep scrolling to find your fix, then get back to focusing on what really matters: making connections that count.

The Issue: No Matches

The Solution: Online, the key to making a great first impression is a solid profile. Help potential matches see the best version of you by swapping out any low-quality photos for ones that clearly show your face. Another tip? Opt for solo shots over group pics. Moreover, both men and women who wrote in their ‘About Me’ section saw a 27 percent increase in the popularity of their profiles over those who left it blank. So be sure to include a descriptive bio that shows the real you.

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The Issue: No Messages

The Solution: If you’re matching with people but struggling to get the conversation started, try brushing up on some opening lines. While “hey” may seem like an easy place to start, a cute GIF is just as quick and sets the stage for a fun, lighthearted conversation. Although men can’t make the first move in opposite-sex matches on Bumble, we suggest using the bio portion to give your match a built-in conversation starter. Pose a question at the end of your bio to give your matches a little something to work with, like: “Ideal dinner date? Mine’s margaritas and queso at a local Tex-Mex spot.”  

The Issue: No Dates

The Solution: Sometimes, people just don’t click, and that’s ok. But if you’re constantly finding that connections you’re genuinely interested in are slipping through your fingers, the issue may lie in the way you’re messaging. Asking to meet up too soon or never asking at all are both ways to dim the spark you started with. Instead, view in-app messaging as an opportunity to get to know your match, and then, when you each feel ready and safe, test your connection in the real world to discover what potential you two truly have.

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