What October Has in Store For Your Love Life, By Star Sign

by Amelia Quint

There’s romance in the air this October — and by that, we mean the stars! That’s because the sun and a whole lot of planets are moving through Libra and Scorpio, the two signs of the zodiac that rule relationships. Libra represents one-on-one partnerships with anyone, whether it’s a mentor, friend, or significant other, while Scorpio connections usually involve some level of intimacy. Either way, you can expect everyone to have love on the brain for the next 30 days.

Curious about what October has in store for your love life? Ahead, astrologer Amelia Quint explains what to expect!


You usually fly solo, but this month, you’re looking for someone to get cozy with. Thanks to chatty Mercury and charming Venus in your intimacy sector alongside passionate Mars in your relationship zone, your urge to merge is off the charts. If you’ve been on the fence about telling your crush how you feel, a confident full moon in your sign on the 13th could inspire you to make the first move. You’ll be practically irresistible after Scorpio season starts on the 23rd, and even if you’re not trying to, you cast a potent love spell under the new moon on the 27th. Your ability to attract what you want is magic!


This month, keeping things simple can be an act of love. There’s beauty in knowing exactly what you want and need out of your connections, and with Mercury and Venus in your partnership zone, you start the conversations that will help you get it. With desire planet Mars in your health and habits sector, stay open to meeting kindred spirits in everyday places. Under the Aries full moon in your sleepy twelfth house on the 13th, put self-care first. The Scorpio new moon on the 27th will deliver a gorgeous date that’s totally unexpected, and you’ll want to be well-rested!


With powerful Pluto now direct in your intimacy zone, you’re looking for a much deeper connection than you’ve had in the past. Luckily, fiery Mars heads into your crushes and creativity sector on the 4th, sending plenty of suitors your way. Under the Aries full moon on the 13th, you could fall for someone in your friend group — or land the perfect match in the Bumble app! Either way, with Mercury and Venus in the hyper-efficient sixth house, you cut straight to the point and have no time for games. Directness is a total turn-on, especially when the new moon lights up the same area of your chart on the 27th.


If your relationships start to feel lighter this month, you can thank Pluto direct on the 3rd for that. You’re finally free to enjoy yourself in love, and with Mercury, Venus, and the sun in your pleasure sector, you absolutely will! Mark the 27th on your calendar, because under the Scorpio new moon, romantic sparks fly. Passion planet Mars in your emotions zone heightens the intensity, especially when the Aries full moon on the 13th requires you to flex your work-life balance muscles to get everything done. Trust that the ones you love will be cheering you across the finish line afterwards!


You know what you want, but have you told the people who can actually give it to you? With expressive Mercury and open-hearted Venus in your feelings sector this month, a heart-to-heart could be seriously healing, especially once motivation planet Mars moves into your communication zone on the 3rd. Not sure when to start the conversation? A bold Aries full moon in your candid ninth house on the 13th is as good a time as any! By the time the Scorpio new moon comes around on the 27th, you might be surprised just how easy it is to feel the way you want to feel.


You’re always working, but this month, you remember how to prioritize what you love. Mercury, Venus, and a new moon in your communication sector (on the 3rd, 8th, and 27th, respectively) help you set some boundaries that protect your off-the-clock hours, and Mars in your self-worth zone on the 4th reminds you that your time is valuable. It all pays off on the 13th, when the Aries full moon in your sultry eighth house sends you the high intensity romance you’ve been craving. Put your phone on do-not-disturb mode and hang the sign on the doorknob, because you’ve definitely earned a break.


You’ve seen plenty of Instagram posts about loving yourself first, but this month, they’re especially true. With inspirational Mars in your sign from the 4th, you’re motivated to take care of number one, whether it’s with a fitness class, a massage, or just a work-from-home day. Mercury and Venus in your self-worth sector enhance the effect, helping you fearlessly communicate your value proposition from a place of confidence. By the time the Aries full moon lights up your relationship zone on the 13th, you’ll be more than ready to welcome someone new into your orbit! It’s a slow burn, but watch things really ignite under the new moon amped by Uranus in your intimacy zone on the 27th.


With Pluto, your ruling planet, freshly direct in your communication zone from the 3rd, you’re ready to speak your mind. Mercury and Venus in your sign from the 3rd and 8th help you deliver your messages with wit and charm, so get your best one-liners ready and start swiping! Once your season gets into full swing on the 23rd, you’ll be able to win over just about anyone, whether it’s a mentor, friend, or crush, especially under your personal new moon on the 27th. Just make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water, because with intense Mars in your self-care sign, you’re going to need it!


If you’ve been trying to quiet some inner insecurities, powerful Pluto direct in your self-worth zone restores your faith in yourself. That said, don’t feel like you have to go it alone this month. With Mercury and Venus in your twelfth house of healing and Mars in your social sector, you’ll have plenty of mentors and friends on hand to help you through — or, you could play that role for someone else, especially under the new moon on the 27th. Still, your best moment this month by far comes on the 13th, when an Aries full moon infuses some much-needed play back into your life. Don’t feel guilty for having fun!


With social planets Mercury and Venus in your groups zone, you’ll have more fun this month if you bring the whole crew along! Group dates are an amazing option, especially once the sun moves into the same part of your chart on the 23rd. The Scorpio new moon on the 27th could see you expanding your inner circle to let in someone new. If you’re feeling up to it, a dinner party at your place under the Aries full moon in your home sector on the 13th could lead to some amazing memories. Ask your guests to bring the food and you can bring the wine. You’ll end the night feeling totally nourished, heart and soul.


Is it time to make things Instagram official? With three planets moving through your publicity zone this month, you’re ready to tell the world how you feel. The Aries full moon on the 13th lands in your communication zone, which could be a great opportunity for you to spill the beans. If you aren’t in a relationship, you could meet someone who’s in a similar industry or who inspires you creatively, thanks to clever Mercury and inspired Venus in your career sector. Whatever happens, Mars in your expansion sector will help you grow your network in ways you never could have expected!


Your soft, tender heart usually plays it safe when it comes to romance, but this month, you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone. With Mercury and Venus in your expansion sector and Mars in your intimacy zone, you’re willing to take risks in the name of making a connection or deepening an existing bond. The sun into the same part of your horoscope makes you even bolder, and under the Scorpio new moon on the 27th, you could honestly shock yourself with how far you’re willing to go in the name of love. It’s a beautiful adventure, but make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of TLC along the way, especially under the full moon on the 13th. 

Head into Bumble and start swiping — and remember to update your Zodiac badge on your profile!