5 Alcohol-Free First Date Ideas

Is it just us or are the after-work-drink dates getting a little stale these days?

Switch up the same-old, same-old dating routine with some of these ideas to keep it interesting for you and your date. Really, what could be better than a great date that’s hangover-free the next morning?

We’re big proponents of the coffee date, especially if your schedule looks like ours (completely booked up with work, friends, family, and you know – life). Branching out from your go-to spot is the perfect way to get your caffeine fix and try something new at the same time.

Busting out the competition makes for a great early-in-the-game date. A run in the park, hot yoga, or a spirited round of mini golf will get you into the competitive spirit. And if you find out your date’s a sore loser? Next!

Daybreakers are the best new way to wake up and get the party started. Literally. Daybreaker dance parties typically start at 5am and keep everyone on their toes. You’ll both dance the morning away, and hey, there’s a built in watch-the-sunrise romance moment at the end.

Meeting at the local dog park is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and play with adorable pups at the same time. No dog? No problem! The perfect ice breaker is when you send your date a text that says “I’ll be the only person there without a dog!” Plus with all the cute puppies around, you can ensure this date won’t turn into an interview that has you both checking your phones every few minutes.

Take a leisurely stroll together through the halls of a local museum chock full of history and pretty paintings. You’ll get a healthy dose of culture and some great Instagrams while you’re at it!

Who says you need a buzz to have fun?