What This Fall’s Mars Retrograde Has in Store for Your Star Sign

by Amelia Quint

If you’re curious about astrology, chances are you’ve heard of Mercury retrograde before. But what about Mars retrograde? Like Mercury, desire planet Mars takes an occasional backspin through the sky, but this one lasts for about two months and only happens every two years. In astrology, Mars represents what you want and how you get it. It’s the driving force that keeps you going, so when it retrogrades, you rethink the cause of your actions.

This fall’s Mars retrograde doesn’t end until November 13th, so will guide much of the remainder of 2020. It’s happening in passionate Aries, which makes it especially intense. Over the next ten weeks, you reconnect with your ability to experience pleasure, but first you have to identify what doesn’t feel good. Aries is also associated with the physical body, so if you need a quick boost during this tough period, try exercise, dance, or even deep breathing.

The planet Mars is an essential ingredient in romantic relationships, sparking the chemistry that draws you together, so this period can be complicated for dating. Matches that start out hot could run cold by the time it’s over, but there’s usually a deeper reason for that. Mars retrograde can reveal unexpected truths about what you’re really looking for in a partner, so stay open-minded about your feelings.

The most important thing to remember about any retrograde is that it’s an optical illusion. In the same way, Mars retrograde is a nudge from the universe for you to shift your perspective when it comes to your motivations. While it isn’t easy to recognize areas where you aren’t feeling fulfilled, knowing that you need something more is one step closer to actually having it.

Whether you’re looking for more satisfaction in romance, your career, or your daily routine, here are the best strategies to help you navigate Mars retrograde with ease. What’s in store for your sign — and what’ll it mean whether you’re using Bumble Date, Bizz, BFF, or all three? Read on to find out!


There’s no denying that Mars retrograde in your sign can be tough. It’s especially intense because Mars is the planet associated with Aries, amplifying the effects. But it’s also a moment where you can get deep, powerful clarity about who you are now, where you want to go, and how to bridge the gap between the two. You’ll recognize what you need from your relationships in order to feel satisfied, including the most important one of all — the one you have with yourself. Make room for others to support you, even if independence is your default setting.


You’re usually focused on the material world, but with Mars backtracking through your spirituality sector, inner healing becomes your first priority. Put self-care at the top of your agenda and prioritize your mental health. Consider this your gentle reminder that you don’t have to check your email the moment you wake up. This area of your horoscope is also about closure, so if an ex makes an appearance, be sure to meet them with strong boundaries. Protect your growth at all costs — and do any necessary pruning to keep your life in full bloom.


Partnership is your strong suit, but with Mars retrograde in your groups sector, it’s time for you to reevaluate who you let into your inner circle. Boundaries shift, so it’s a good idea to be clear with your friends and teammates about how you want to interact. Maybe late-night Slack messages are out of bounds, and funny group texts are your real love language. This is also the part of your horoscope associated with leadership, so it’ll be a dance of stepping up without overstepping. At work, it’s a great time to connect with a mentor you can trust.


With Mars backtracking in your career zone, your ambitions could use an upgrade. Are you aiming high enough, or have you set a reach goal a little too far past your grasp? For the next two months, take this time to revise your goals to be more in line with what your heart really wants. If you discover a professional milestone didn’t feel as rewarding as you expected, get curious about that feeling. What could you do to make your job more satisfying? For best results, take it slow and set measurable, bite-site intermediate steps along the way.


Mars retrograde in your expansive ninth house could give you the urge to overcommit, but resist. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, this is the ideal time to retreat and feed your mind with plenty of great inspiration, whether that comes from books, films, music, or art. Pencil in a deep dive on a topic you’ve been curious about for a while, or strengthen your skills in an area you’ve been hoping to develop. This period also reveals just how important your values are to you, so be sure to communicate them loud and proud by adding Badges to your Bumble profile!


Your sign has a reputation for being cool and analytical, but during this Mars retrograde in your secretive eighth house, there are plenty of fiery emotions boiling beneath the surface. This part of your horoscope is all about intimacy, so if your sensual side has been in hiding during the quarantine, you could build up enough confidence to let it back out to play. You spend the next two months rerouting desire and how you express it in your love life. Relationships started with Mars retrograde can often be hot and steamy at first then fizzle out, but with patience and dedication, you can still make it last.


Dating during Mars retrograde is always complicated, and with it passing through your relationship zone, that goes double. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to stop swiping! Instead, be more selective about who you decide to message. This is the perfect time for a romance reset, so take some time over the next two months to meditate on exactly what you’re looking for in a partner. Then, expand that out to what kind of friends, creative collaborations, and mentors you want to attract too. Once you adjust your expectations, you become a magnet for what you actually want. It’s kind of magic!


Mars is the planet of the body, and as it backtracks through your health and habits sector for the next two months, you reconnect with yours. You’re driven to succeed, but remember that your body is something that’s made to feel pleasure, not just check boxes off your to-do list. Little adjustments can help you avoid major burnout, so consider what tweaks you could make to your nutrition plan, exercise routine, or even skincare regimen to help you feel more beautiful and connected. Also, get some rest! It’s normal to need more sleep than usual during this period, so give yourself the full eight hours.


Mars retrograde in your pleasure zone can turn up the heat, or turn it off entirely. Just like Katy Perry in 2008, you’re hot and you’re cold, so give yourself the space you need to parse out any mixed signals you might be getting from a match or within yourself. It’s a tricky time for romance that can lead to cryptic flirtations that are as maddening as they are exciting. Just make sure you’re clear with your partner on what you need to feel good about the exchange! This is also the part of your horoscope associated with creativity, so if you’re an artist, you could have an inspiration reset right when you need it.


Work is your comfort zone, but during Mars retrograde in your feelings sector, you’ll have to get cozy with your emotions too. Your heart is just as important as your head when it comes to making decisions, and this can help you connect with the deeper motivations behind why you love your career — or why it’s time to look elsewhere. This part of your horoscope also aligns with your home, so you could be feeling fatigue from too many days spent in yoga pants and on Zoom calls. Find ways to add some fresh energy to your home, from a new plant to a shelf of special photos and treasures.


You’re one of the zodiac’s most social signs, but with Mars retrograde in your community zone, you could find yourself feeling disconnected. Maybe you’re at a loss without your favorite cafe or feeling disappointed that you can’t see your friends’ gorgeous smiles behind their masks. Instead of giving into the frustration, let that be your motivation to find new ways to connect! Also, use this time to cull your social network. Everyone loves you, but make sure they’re in your orbit for the right reasons. The ones who really care will appreciate your boundaries, not push them.


With Mars retrograde in your value sector, the stars are aligned for you to untangle your self-confidence from your net worth. We’re taught by society that they’re inextricably linked, but over the next two months, you realize that it’s possible to feel good without a constant grind. You already deserve all the good things in life, but during this period, your mind catches up to that gut feeling. In the meantime, edit your budget to see if you can add in a few little luxuries as a reward for a job well done. You’ve earned it, and after this, you’ll finally believe it!