What This March Has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

by Amelia Quint

It’s unnerving to find ourselves in March already, given what’s transpired since this time last year. Healing from everything that happened in spring 2020 onwards won’t be easy, but lucky for us, the stars are aligned to help make that process feel better. After all, we got creative and found ways to connect even amid restrictions, and thanks to this month’s astrology, even more love is just around the corner.

To give your relationships a boost this spring, try out this astrological trick: Venus is the planet of relationships, and Mars is the planet of excitement. If you’re hoping for more of both, take a look at what they’re doing in your horoscope. Our astrology expert, Amelia Quint, has done the work for you — all you have to do is read on to find out what’s in store for your partnerships in the month ahead, according to your zodiac sign!


Step up to the mic! This month, active Mars moves into your talkative third house, sparking exciting conversations with everyone you meet. It’s a great time to send your crush a witty opening line, especially as the radiant sun and charming Venus move into your sign on the 21st and join forces on the 26th. Good vibes from love planets Mars and Venus to serious Saturn on the 21st and 30th ensure that this bond has staying power if you’re ready to commit.

Alternate scenario? You meet an amazing mentor or leader who helps you step up your communication game. Either way, you win!


Romantic love is amazing, but how are your friendships doing lately? Love goddess Venus in your group-minded eleventh house through the 21st reminds you of the power of platonic relationships. Thanks to Venus in sync with tech-savvy Uranus from the 3rd, you could match with a new companion who zaps you out of a rut and into new adventures, and the sensitive Pisces new moon on the 13th promises you’ll be on the same page emotionally too.

Next up, Venus into your relaxing twelfth house on the 21st is an amazing time to go on a retreat together, even if it’s just wearing your robes and toasting through a Zoom screen!


With fiery Mars moving into your sign on the 3rd, things are about to heat up! While you could definitely crave more physical intimacy, smart Mercury aligned to lucky Jupiter in your intellectual ninth house on the 4th reveals you could get just as revved up about a cause you care about. When Mars syncs up with serious Saturn on the 21st, you commit to those ideals.

Even better, Mercury’s move into your career zone on the 15th promises your new philosophy will have plenty of support from your professional network! When it aligns with compassionate Neptune on the 29th, do something to make the world a more loving place.


Playful Venus traveling through your expansive ninth house turns your wanderlust up to eleven, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel. You can get the same rush from studying a topic you’re curious about or exploring your artistic side, especially when the creative Pisces full moon joins forces with Venus and Neptune on the 13th to spark your imagination. (Even better, make it a collaboration with your partner or friends!)

Afterwards, you could parlay that inspiration into a win at work when Venus shifts into your career zone on the 21st and aligns with the sun on the 26th to put you in the spotlight. Get your ring light ready!


Sultry Venus in your intimacy zone through the 21st infuses your life with romance, whether it’s exchanging gifts with your partner that let you know you’re thinking of each other, or just buying yourself flowers to make your work-from-home setup feel more luxurious. The deep Pisces new moon in the same part of your horoscope on the 13th helps you unlock a big emotional milestone.

After the sun moves into your curious ninth house on the 20th, you’ll be ready to emerge you’re your bedroom and explore the outside world again (at a safe distance, of course!), especially as it aligns with Venus on the 26th.


Venus moves into your relationship zone this month, unlocking a superpower for partnerships of all kinds, and when it moves into your intimacy sector after the 21st, you’re comfortable being vulnerable. You’re kind, caring, and persuasive, and under the sensitive Pisces new moon on the 13th, you use those amazing qualities to express yourself with care.

You’ll have an assist from diplomatic Mercury aligned with lucky Jupiter in your daily work zone on the 4th, helping you explain exactly what needs to change with clarity. And when Mercury joins forces with compassionate Neptune on the 29th, a heart-to-heart can do serious healing.


If you’ve been feeling like your love life has been lackluster, March makes it sparkle again! Love goddess Venus moving into your relationship zone on the 21st reminds you exactly how beautiful partnership can be. When the sun and Venus align on the 26th, it’s a great time to pair up and do activities that feel luxurious, whether it’s a DIY facial on the couch or ordering takeout from your favorite five-star restaurants.

But the most exciting moment of the month arrives on the 28th, when a full moon in your sign gives your confidence a much-needed boost. If you were waiting for the right moment to make the first move, this is it!


Romantic Venus starts the month in your crushes and creativity sector and stays through the 21st, ensuring you’ll have plenty of flirtatious DMs and stolen glances to keep you inspired as spring gets underway — and good vibes from magnetic Pluto in your communication zone on the 18th promise you’ll be able to keep the conversation going with ease.

Even better, intense Mars moving into your intimate eighth house on the 3rd turns up the romance in your dates, even if they’re from afar. You’re passionate about this partner, and when Mars links arms with committed Saturn in your public tenth house on the 21st, you might just be ready to make things official.


With exciting Mars moving into your relationship zone on the 3rd, you’re fired up about finding a partnership that’s a true meeting of the minds, especially when it syncs up with no-nonsense Saturn on the 21st. Lucky for you, smart Mercury joins forces with ambitious Jupiter on the 4th to expand your network and connect you with a community of people who share your ideals.

Later, on the 21st, love goddess Venus heading into your flirtatious fifth house ramps up both your confidence and your allure. It’s a great time to get to swiping! When it aligns with the sun on the 26th, give your look a glamorous refresh, and remind yourself that you’re a total catch.


The love planets are making lots of connections on your behalf this month, so get ready to take advantage of the opportunities coming in hot! Irresistible Venus in your communication zone links arms with power-broker Pluto in your sign on the 18th, so your powers of persuasion will be at their peak.

For best results, put that cosmic charisma towards pitching a big project when passionate Mars in your hardworking sixth house syncs with committed Saturn on the 21st in your worth zone. It’ll show you exactly where your talents will be most valuable, and when Venus sends good vibes to Saturn from your home sector on the 30th, start building the foundation of something big.


Motivation planet Mars moving into your crushes and creativity zone on the 3rd inspires you to take the initiative when it comes to love and art. Whether you’re swiping right or courting your muse, sweet-talking Mercury aligned with lucky Jupiter in your sign on the 4th promises you’ll know just what to do or say to pique their interest.

But the best part of all is that both love planets, Mars and Venus, are working together with Saturn in your sign this month to help you find connections that stand the test of time. Put your best selfie forward when Mars and Saturn align on the 21st, and keep the conversation going when Venus syncs with Saturn on the 30th. After that, the rest will be history!


Happy birthday, Pisces! You’re in the celestial spotlight this month as love and beauty goddess Venus moves through your sign until the 21st. That presence amplifies your allure and reminds you to prioritize pleasure, especially under the sensitive Pisces new moon on the 13th. Self-care can be a spiritual practice, so book yourself in for a virtual yoga class or treat your body to something luxurious.

Social Mercury’s move into your sign on the 15th delivers lots of promising invitations, DMs, and connections, but remember to be selective about who you allow into your inner circle. When Mercury aligns with idealistic Neptune on the 29th, make sure the people you bond with care about making the world a better place as much as you do.