Your November 2023 Love Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

By Valerie Mesa

Eclipse season may be over, but thanks to the sun’s journey through smoldering Scorpio, your dating life is on track to intensify in November. Everything about this Plutonian season evokes a desire for intimacy and passion, and the dynamic of your romantic connections will be no exception. If you and your Bumble match were flirtatious and lighthearted last month, November will see the energy kick into high gear, which could inspire a deeper connection. 

Saturn will station direct on November 4, meaning that the planet can now work at its fullest potential. This’ll bring awareness to the boundaries you’ve set in your love life, as well as the expectations you have in a future partner. On November 8, you’re in for a sweet pick-me-up as romantic Venus officially returns to its sign of rulership, Libra. Here, the planet of seduction will be on course to enrich your love life with a connection where your personality can thrive. Having mutual interests with your Bumble crush never felt so good.

From November 10, you may notice a significant energy shift in your Bumble chats, as communication planet Mercury enters spontaneous Sagittarius. This transit is worldly and optimistic, so everything from your mindset to your messages will be swirling with opportunity and adventure. If you’re traveling, be sure to turn on Bumble’s Travel Mode feature so you can explore new connections wherever you’re heading. After all, there’s nothing that fuels fire sign Sagittarius more than wanderlust.

Wondering what the stars have in store for your love life this November? Read on for both your and your Bumble crush’s sun and rising signs.


Things are spicing up for you in November, Aries. With the sun, Mercury, and Mars transiting taboo-loving Scorpio at the start of the month, your desire for intimacy and deeper connections cannot be denied. If this isn’t enough reason to have more meaningful conversations with your Bumble matches, Venus will slip into your relationship sector on the 8th. Ask questions that really get your heart racing—and you may be surprised to see how much you and your crush have in common! Be sure to set clear dating intentions during the new moon on the 13th, and on the 22nd, you’ll be as inspired as ever to explore your horizons as the sun debuts in Sagittarius. Now is the time to seek adventure in your dating life.


If you’ve been hoping to deepen your romantic connections, you’ll be pleased with what November’s astrology has to offer you, Taurus. On the 8th, your planetary ruler, Venus, enters Libra via your sixth house of day-to-day affairs. Here, the goddess planet adds a romantic backdrop to your daily routines as well as your immediate surroundings. Everything from the atmosphere to your personal aesthetic will have a charming air about it. Be sure to set aside some time for dating, as you’re more likely to indulge in flirtatious banter with your Bumble crush throughout the day. A new moon on the 13th is presenting you with a clean slate, where you can nurture a connection you believe is worthy of your investment. Take some time on this day to really ask yourself what you’re looking for in a partner. 


For you, Gemini, November is all about being honest with yourself. Are you and your Bumble match genuinely compatible with one another? If there’s a strong physical attraction, is there mental stimulation? With Saturn going direct on the 4th, reflect on what’s been inhibiting you from taking the lead in your love life, even if that means openly telling your crush how you feel. With coquettish Venus making its debut in Libra on the 8th, you’ll have no problem turning up the charm and attracting others with your positive energy. This is the perfect time to update your Bumble profile pics and showcase your authentic self! 


To say you’re seductive in November would be an understatement, Cancer. In addition to having the sun in Scorpio energizing your fifth house of love and romance until the 22nd, red-hot Mars will also charge up this heart-centered house until the 10th. You’re as passionate as ever, and unapologetically bold with your crush. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to manifest your ideal next dating experience, look no further than the new moon on the 13th. This lunation offers you a clean slate—so be on the lookout for new matches on Bumble. Remember, Scorpio season is all about unveiling what’s hidden beneath the surface, so consider this fresh start an opportunity to prioritize intimacy and vulnerability with a new connection.


Love is in the air for you this month, Leo. To set the mood, Venus will make its dazzling debut in Libra on November 8, bringing harmony to your third house of communication, mindset, and immediate surroundings. Your intellect is especially attractive at this time, and whether it’s while messaging or on a date, your conversation style and perspective will make your Bumble crush smitten. The sun’s arrival in Sagittarius on the 22nd is a reason to liven things up, especially with Mars joining the sun in your fifth house of passion on the 24th. This adds a bit of spontaneity to your dating life, so be open to last-minute dates and new adventures. 


November’s astrology is putting a spotlight on your sense of security and emotional foundation, Virgo. What do your dating goals look like, and are they in alignment with everything else you have going on in your personal life? On the 4th, Saturn direct is in Pisces via your seventh house of relationships, commitments, and significant others. This could spotlight where you’ve lacked structure and discipline in your love life. Have you been honest with your Bumble crush about your boundaries? Are you communicating clearly, or sweeping important topics under the rug? Leave it to Scorpio season, as well as Mars in Scorpio until the 24th, to intensify your conversations. Fortunately, with Venus transiting Libra as of the 8th, you’re ready to take your power back, and own your self-worth.


You’re feeling yourself in November, and so is everyone else, Libra. On the 8th, your planetary ruler, Venus, returns to your sign via your first house of first impressions and physical appearance. This sparkly transit is always a sweet one, as it not only increases the likelihood of you finding romance, but also evokes your gifts for the art of seduction. Venusian energy is visual and aesthetically pleasing, so this is a great time to update your Bumble profile pics with photos that make you feel good. If you’ve matched with someone you’re genuinely interested in, reflect on what you’d like to manifest in this connection. After all, when the sun debuts in truth-seeking Sagittarius and your communication sector on the 22nd, you’ll have both the courage and inspiration to explore it further.


It’s your solar season, and you’re stepping into your power, Scorpio. Mercury, Mars, and the sun are all transiting your sign until mid-November, intensifying everything from your intuition to your magnetic persona. Catching feelings for your Bumble crush? You’ve always been a natural at reading the room, and the chemistry you’re experiencing with your match can’t be ignored. On the 13th, there will be a new moon in your sign, so be sure to set intentions and reflect on what you’re hoping to transform in your dating life. This new beginning could influence your ideas around intimacy, which could come up for review during the full moon on the 27th.


What are you ready to make peace with, Sagittarius? While the sun moves through secretive Scorpio and your 12th house of closure, dreams, and privacy until the 22nd, you may feel the urge to test the waters with your Bumble crush, and let them in on something you’d normally keep to yourself. Just remember to continue to stay open-minded to new connections during this time. After all, charming Venus enters Libra on the 8th, so chances are you’ll be excited to get swiping. The sun makes its debut in your sign on the 22nd, followed by red-hot Mars on the 24th. If you’ve been running low on inspiration or perhaps feeling less hopeful about dating, this will energize and revitalize your search for the connections that are right for you.


Your sophisticated charm is a strong quality of yours, Capricorn, so take advantage of it to set the record straight this month. November begins with your planetary ruler, Saturn, stationing direct on the 4th. This is equivalent to getting your mojo back, and you’re feeling called to set clear boundaries in your dating life. Ask yourself: Are you and your Bumble match on the same page? Having Mars, Mercury, and the sun in Scorpio charging up your 11th house of community affairs until the 22nd is inspiring you to be more strategic with your goals, but this could also explain why you may feel suddenly suspicious of your crush’s intentions. Fortunately, with Venus in Libra bringing beauty, harmony, and balance from the 8th, your firm pragmatism is well received. 


You’re seeking adventure, Aquarius, and it’s all down to Venus’s debut in Libra via your ninth house of expansion on the 4th. If you’re wondering whether to explore dating opportunities further afield, this is an excellent time to turn on Travel Mode. The more far-flung, the more appealing it is for you under this Venusian transit. If you’re struggling to get your words out, you’ll be relieved under November’s full moon in Gemini on the 27th. This lunation is flirtatious and will help you communicate to your Bumble match exactly what you want to know about them, so it’ll be sure to quench your curiosities. A riveting game of mental tennis with your crush is on the cards.


You’re reaching for the stars, and you’re not settling for anything less, Pisces. With Saturn going direct in your sign on the 4th, you’re feeling more assertive and pragmatic when communicating your needs with your Bumble match. The last thing you want is to invest in a connection that isn’t up to par with what you’re looking for in the long-term. Fortunately, upon Venus’ debut in harmony-seeking Libra, both you and your crush will be eager to meet each other halfway. Conversations are also likely to deepen, but this could validate and clarify what you’ve been sensing in your connection. This will leave you with the perfect tools to take advantage of the new moon on the 13th and define what you’re really looking for.