Your June 2023 Love Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

By Maria Sofia Marmanides

With this month’s planetary transits, you’ll see sparks fly as summer really begins. On June 5, love and romance planet Venus moves into fiery and passionate Leo, bringing a powerful celestial energy that’s all about prioritizing your love life. 

After this electric start, things are on course to slow down in the second half of the month as responsible Saturn turns retrograde on June 17. You’ll be encouraged to start thinking about who and what you’re committing yourself to, and how you can communicate your wants and needs openly with your Bumble match.

Curious to see what this month will bring for your zodiac sign? See what the stars have in store for you below, and don’t forget to read for your Bumble crush too!


June promises to ramp up your love life, Aries! When Venus enters Leo on June 5, your fifth house of romance will be lit up, increasing your desire for fun and flirtation. Prepare for your calendar to fill up fast at the beginning of the month, and your dates will be sure to notice your glow. But when the Sun enters intuitive Cancer on June 21st you may notice a shift that pushes you to question how comfortable you want to get with your Bumble match. After the whirlwind start to your month, this slight slow-down might be just what you need to make sure you’re staying in tune with what you really want—and need—in your love life. 


Even though Taurus is known to love relaxation, when transformative Pluto enters your sign at the beginning of the month you’ll be called to push yourself out of your comfort zone. When romantic Venus connects with Pluto on June 5, you’ll want to try something new, whether that’s an adventurous date activity or swiping on someone who isn’t your usual type on Bumble. You may even feel the urge to say yes to something you would’ve previously avoided, so keep an open mind. Just remember to ground yourself toward the end of the month: as the Sun connects with insightful Mercury on June 27, you’ll be called to be honest about how you feel and to have some important conversations with your love interest.


You’re known for your charm, wit, and quick sense of humor, Gemini—and June is your month to put these characteristics to good use. Striking up chats is easier now than ever, thanks to love planet Venus entering your third house of communication early in the month and your ruling planet, talkative and energetic Mercury, entering your sign on June 11 through 27. While you’ll have fun messaging your Bumble matches, now is the time to show your vibrant personality on an IRL date. But while on your dates, be sure that there’s equal give and take between asking and answering questions. Pace yourself, because this energy could have you chatting all night.


You tend to be one of the thriftier signs, but with love planet Venus entering your second house of income this month, you’re feeling the urge to splurge. Give in to that feeling—within your means, of course—and take your Bumble date out for something a little extravagant. Your season is also at the end of the month, and once the creative and soulful sun enters your home sign on June 21, it’s your time to shine. As a sign known to err on the side of caution and be a little shy, this planetary shift is beckoning you to come out of your proverbial shell and put your genuine self out there. When communicative Mercury enters your sign June 11, you may find that verbalizing your thoughts, feelings, and desires comes easier, too.


Fierce, fun, and feisty are three words to describe you, and this matches the cosmic energy that’s coming your way this month. For you lions, June is all about embracing the fun side of dating, even if it means taking it (and yourself) slightly less seriously. With love planet Venus entering your sign on June 5, you’ll be reminded to embrace who you are and not to be afraid to showcase your authentic self on dates. During the last week of the month, Venus and active Mars connect, inspiring you with feelings of love and lust and making it an ideal time for a fun getaway. For single Leos, this is a great time to relax and unwind, and for coupled Leos, this could be the time to see how well you vacation together.


Virgo, now is the time to allow your inner light to shine. As communicative Mercury, your planetary ruler, enters Gemini on June 11, it will add ease to your conversations and inspire you to go out and be heard. You’re a sign known to be a bit shy or hard to get to know, but this transit invites more light and levity into your interactions with everyone you meet, and your wit and charm are sure to sparkle. This is particularly true on June 18, when Mercury connects with love planet Venus and inspires you to be less hard on yourself and more open to putting yourself out there. Plus, once the sun enters Cancer on June 21, your eleventh house of social networks will light up, creating the optimal cosmic circumstances to invest some time in making new connections on Bumble. 


With Venus in your eleventh house of social networks on June 5 until October 8, this is your time to find love. Your calendar will be full of possibilities to find connections. Take this busy time to remember that dating isn’t just about finding the one; it’s also about meeting interesting people and exploring new places. So even if your match doesn’t turn into a relationship, you could end up with a great, unexpected friend—or a good story. On June 30, the Saturn retrograde may bring increasing work responsibilities, giving you all the more reason to take advantage of your active dating and social life earlier in the month. 


This month, the spotlight is yours if you want to take it, Scorpio. With love planet Venus moving into your tenth house of public image, all eyes will be on you and your budding relationship. But as a Scorpio you’ll take this intensity in stride, especially because the chemistry with your Bumble match promises to be electric. Aside from romantic love, June is also about how you love to spend your time. This is magnified on June 28 when the emotional moon and productive Saturn connect, asking you to commit to who and what brings you joy and self-fulfillment. You may want to shift your focus to embracing what brings you inner happiness aside from dating.


If there was ever a time to say “yes” to breaking out of your routine, it’s this month. Romantic Venus’ placement in your ninth house of travel will invite you to expand your horizons (and maybe also your dating search criteria). Opportunities for connecting with exciting people on Bumble are more abundant during this time, putting you on the path to find dates who could help you see things in a new way. This energy could bring in a travel buddy, a chance for a fun getaway, or simply help you widen your social circle. You may feel a push to try something different, so don’t be afraid to look further afield—you could even find connections in a new city or country!


On June 13, Venus connects with your planetary ruler, wise Saturn, which will require you to adjust how you normally communicate with a love interest. Part of dating is figuring out how your styles and preferences complement the other person and what needs ironing out or compromising. You’ll find yourself negotiating expectations, whether it’s your messaging frequency or how to transition from light and flirty conversations to deeper and more intense topics. With this planetary energy present, don’t be shy about letting a Bumble date know what you’re looking for, as this can help you create deeper bonds faster—or connect with someone who better meets your needs.


With love planet Venus in your seventh house of love and relationships this month, your chances of finding commitment and romance increase, so be sure to plan something intimate with your Bumble match. Remember that dating should be enjoyable, so use this energy to let go of any preconceived notions or feelings of self-doubt. On June 21, the sun enters your sixth house of work and responsibilities, asking you to add more romance into your daily life. Can you turn a trip to the grocery store into a date? How about running errands together? These may sound like run-of-the-mill chores, but you’re a creative sign, so if anyone can make something ordinary feel anything but that, it’s you!


Mark your calendars for a romantic date on June 2, because the stars are aligning for major sparks between you and a Bumble match. Not only will the Scorpio moon connect with Venus, signifying intense passion, but Neptune will also be in your first house of self, promising pure magic. You’re an imaginative sign, so this is the perfect time to think up an adventurous date with your Bumble match! You’ll be floating on this fantastic energy for the majority of the month until June 17th, when stern Saturn starts retrograding in your sign. While this could feel like the brakes are being pumped into a budding romance, being brought back down to earth momentarily can actually be a good thing, as it will encourage you to see your romantic situation with clearer eyes.