Your June 2024 Love Horoscope, According to Your Star Sign

Woman sitting in a field with flowers in Spring.

By Valerie Mesa

As summer rolls in, the sun charges through Gemini until June 20, infusing your days with a dose of Gemini’s sharp and spirited energy. This shift adds a fun undercurrent to your dating life, making June the month for flirty conversations with your Bumble crush. Don’t be surprised if your phone starts to buzz with notifications on the 3rd, as this is when Mercury joins the sun in Gemini. On the 21st, a full moon in Capricorn lights up the sky. This will come with a crystal-clear moment of realization. What you want for the long haul will start to come into focus, so if things aren’t working in your dating life, mix it up! 

Wondering how the stars will impact your love life this June? Take a peek at the astrological forecast below. 


This month is set to be quite a blossoming time in your dating life, Aries. As the sun and Venus cozy up in your sensually driven second house until mid-June, your dating journey is set for a sweet and steady ride. Don’t be surprised if conversations feel more emotionally driven this month, as Mercury’s debut in Cancer on the 17th will help you tap into feelings that have been bubbling away below the surface—a helpful development, as the full moon in Capricorn on the 21st encourages you to commit to a plan of action in your love life. 


You’re exuding charm and confidence Taurus, which will make you the center of attention this month. When the sun slides into Gemini and parks in your second house on the 20th, you might find yourself craving heart-to-heart chats. Venus joins Mercury in Cancer on the 17th, dazzling your third house of communication. Around this time, you’ll feel compelled to seek emotional support. Leave it to the full moon in Capricorn on the 21st to prompt a reassessment of your current dating setup. Tired of going to the same rooftop bar? Mix things up and head to a cocktail-making class instead. 


Mercury joins Venus in your sign on the 3rd, which sets the stage for thought-provoking conversations. Mercury and the love planet Venus will also shift into Cancer on the 17th, bringing a focus to your sense of security. This month is a chance to deepen your bond with your crush, especially around the 21st when the full moon in Capricorn shines a spotlight on the intimate areas of your relationship. 


On the 3rd, Mercury is cruising into your 12th house, joining the love planet. For you Cancer, it’s a cosmic reminder to pause and reflect on what you need emotionally. Now is the perfect time to get in touch with your feelings, so grab a comfy blanket, find a quiet corner, and give yourself some much-needed reflection time. When the full moon shifts into Capricorn on the 21st you’ll feel compelled to reassess whether your relationship feels equitable. So if you’re shouldering too much of the date-night planning, now is the time to speak up. 


You’re thriving in your social circles, Leo. Mark your calendars for June 3rd, as Mercury is teaming up with Venus in Gemini and taking over your 11th house. You’ll find yourself in the middle of some super lively gatherings during this time. Get ready to shine! When Mercury and Venus glide into Cancer on the 17th, you might feel a sudden urge to hit the pause button and retreat into your shell. Embrace this quiet spell as an opportunity to clear your head. 


On the 3rd, Mercury joins Venus in your 10th house of authority, bringing focus to your career and potential connections in the professional sphere. On the 17th, Mercury and Venus are making a move into Cancer and setting up camp in your 11th house. You might find yourself drawn to group hangouts, which could be the perfect chance to meet some fresh faces. 


This month is about tapping into your sense of adventure Libra. Mercury will join Venus in your ninth house on the 3rd, urging you to explore your options, venture into the unknown, and meet daters who share your love for exploration and learning. Got a Bumble crush you’re ready to get serious with? Well, circle the 21st on your calendar because the full moon in Capricorn will give you the nudge you need. It’s the perfect time to turn those flirty chats into deeper conversations. 


With Mercury joining Venus in Gemini and your eighth house on June 3rd, you’ll crave intimacy and authenticity in your dating life. As Mercury and Venus transition into Cancer on June 17th, the focus shifts towards expanding your horizons and seeking new experiences. The full moon in Capricorn on June 21st isn’t just any old lunar event—it’s a spotlight on the importance of clear communication. This is your chance to express where you see things heading. Think of it as your cosmic cue to lay your cards on the table.


Expect plenty of fun post-date debriefs with your pals this month, Sagittarius. On June 3rd, Mercury is teaming up with Venus and they’re both heading into Gemini, landing right in your seventh house. What does this mean for you? Well, this cosmic combo is all about tapping into what sparks your curiosity, which means you’re in for some delightful conversations. As Mercury and Venus transition into Cancer and your eighth house on June 17th don’t be afraid to show your softer side, as it will help facilitate some heartfelt chats.  


June is the month to focus on self-improvement, deepen your connections with others, and be clear about what you want from a relationship, Capricorn. As Mercury and Venus transition into Cancer and your seventh house on June 17th, the focus shifts towards planning quality time with that special someone. Expect a full-circle moment on the 21st during the full moon, as it encourages you to check in and ask yourself whether things are progressing the way you’d like with your crush.  


Hey Aquarius, get ready for a thrilling ride in your love life this June! Starting on the 3rd, Mercury and Venus swing into Gemini and your fifth house, sparking a desire for lively and intellectually stimulating connections. Then, on June 17th, they shift into Cancer and your sixth house, turning your attention to the finer details of your relationships. This month, you’ll be looking for a partner who can match your energy, but who also shares your values. 


On June 3rd, Mercury is teaming up with Venus and heading into Gemini, ultimately settling in your fourth house. It’s the perfect time for deep chats. But don’t hesitate to embrace your playful side on the 17th, as Mercury and Venus shift into Cancer and your fifth house of romance. The full moon in Capricorn on June 21st illuminates your eleventh house, and you may find that during this time, connecting with people who share your passions paves the way for a fresh perspective on what you really want from your future partner.