Bumble In Conversation: Talk One-On-One With Actresses and Activists Franchesca Ramsey and June Diane Raphael

It can feel difficult, if not impossible, to find balance between the personal and the professional — especially for women, folks beyond the binary, and those from marginalized groups. There’s no magical secret to successful, healthy relationships; they take work, and they’re tough to navigate. There are many of us who juggle paid 9-to-5 jobs with childcare, side hustles, health concerns, caretaking, community building, activism…the list goes on. 

How do we even begin to make sense of our complicated lives while maintaining some semblance of mental health? How do we fulfill our goals without falling prey to unrealistic expectations? How do we make and grow strong connections, both romantic and platonic? 

Bumble has always looked to inspiring women for their guidance in hopes of helping our community of over 90 million take their next step forward in life, love, and career. There are no better role models, especially in these tough times, than multi-hyphenate talents Franchesca Ramsey and June Diane Raphael. Both are actresses, comedians, and activists, and both have written must-read books that address — with rare honesty — the many pressures women face, especially those who dare to dip their toe into politics and advocacy. 

The two sat down for a (virtual!) conversation that straddled mental health, vulnerability, empathy, and much more with their trademark candor and transparency. Listen to it below — and then head into the Bumble app and swipe in Bumble Bizz or BFF mode to apply for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to chat one-on-one with Franchesca or June Diane.