The Best Bumble Bumble For Friends Meetups for Introverts

Brunch, yoga classes, a coffee catchup—conventional wisdom says they’re the best ideas for meeting up with a potential new friend. But what if you’re not a yogi, or find that coffee shops just aren’t your cup of tea? 

For introverts, the idea of going outside of our comfort zone terrifies us. Even a hike sounds scary—you’d be spending hours with a complete stranger in the wilderness! Our social reserves deplete quickly, and we need to step back and take time to recover. 

And when our hobbies don’t match up with the majority, we start to feel even more alone.  

But good news: you don’t have to be a spinner, a bruncher, or a caffeine queen. If you’ve made a BFF match, we have a few meetup ideas suited for even the shyest of peeps.

Take it from one. 

Museums and art exhibits

Keeping a conversation going with someone you’ve just met is hard—and that dip in a convo can be daunting. Museums give you and your new friend literal space to breathe. They’re ideal for introverts, since you’re encouraged to experience each work of art all by yourself. You can part ways, soak in the displays at your own pace, and naturally regroup at certain points to talk about the exhibits. 

And if you’re feeling up to it, why not stop by the gift shop or a nearby cafe to talk about your favorite piece?


We may not all be gamers, but the low lighting and background noise of an arcade can be a comfort for anyone who isn’t a natural conversationalist. You can avoid the pressure of sitting across from a new friend as you move around, hop from game to game, and maybe find something you’re good at and didn’t even know (shooting hoops, anyone)?!

Arcades offer a mix of single-player and multiplayer games. It’s the perfect way to team up and share the same joys when you win, or laughs if you both totally flub. And the best part? You won’t have to make much small talk, since you’ll both be focused on the screen.

Make sure to spend those prize tickets wisely! 

Cat cafes

Prefer pets over people? If your community offers one (and if your BFF match isn’t allergic), consider a cat cafe for your first meetup. Originally popularized in Japan, cat cafes mean you can have conversation, but also take breaks in between to pet some cute kitties.

Finding common interests is crucial, especially for introverts. They can jumpstart new conversations and shake off the nerves that come with meeting someone new. So if you both love animals, why not be surrounded by them, too? 

If you’re not a cat person, consider a dog rescue or other animal shelter for a do-good day.

Cooking classes and craft workshops

Local shops and big brands often offer workshops, whether it’s as complex as baking eclairs or as nostalgic as making a macaroni necklace. In these kinds of classes, a convo can basically carry itself, since you have something to talk about while you’re doing it—like figuring out which beads would look best, or how to fold what again?

You don’t have to be a sous chef or a master DIY-er to participate in one, either. But if you do like cooking or crafting, these classes give you a chance to introduce your hobby to someone else, or vice versa. And who doesn’t like to learn new things?

Clothes swap or secondhand shops

People love talking about themselves (or so we’ve been told)! For introverts, talking about ourselves often doesn’t come naturally. But our hobbies and preferences can speak louder than words to express who we are. 

Skip the stuffy mall and sub in a local clothes swap or secondhand store. Help pick out clothes for your BFF match, all while learning who they are based on what they like.

But don’t forget to focus on you, too. Introverts often hold back on sharing, even if it’s something as simple as liking the color blue. It’s all about balance: don’t come on too strong, but don’t hold back anything about yourself, either.

Garden, greenhouse, or arboretum

Not all introverts like to be indoors! Sometimes, a breath of fresh air is all we need. Smaller parks and green spaces like an arboretum are enclosed, so they won’t be as much of a time commitment as a hike. Just like a museum, greenhouses and botanical gardens can be experienced solo, so it allows you time to bask in nature and also to make small-talk.

Stroll through a natural greenhouse, or bring a blanket and have a picnic if you’re feeling extra brave.

Not everyone on Bumble BFF is a social butterfly. There’s room for all types of people, hobbies, and BFF outings—we just have to make it a little more obvious on our profile . If you still need more ideas on how to get a BFF meetup going , we’ve got you covered.