How to Make New Friends Online

It’s curious: just as we’ve reached a point in society where we have no qualms about using dating apps, there’s still a lingering stigma when it comes to meeting new friends online.

“We always feel weird when we try something new,” says life coach Marcella Kelson. “Overcoming the awkwardness is mostly about reframing the situation so that we aren’t being so judgmental of ourselves.”

She’s right. Women tend to be way more critical of themselves when trying to strike up new friendships via online platforms like Bumble For Friends. “Try not to judge yourself and remember that it’s an opportunity to meet someone who could really add value to your life,” Kelson adds. Think about it: If you can find “the one” by swiping right, why not try finding your ride or die the same way? Below, we share three easy ways to make friends on Bumble For Friends.

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Forget about a catchy bio

Some people spend hours trying to come up with the perfect one-liner or lyric to include in their Bumble For Friends bio, but the truth is getting someone’s attention doesn’t have to be so difficult. “As long as you’re authentic, you can’t go wrong,” says Kelson. “The beauty of adult relationships is that you can be who you are and the right person for you will gravitate towards that.”

Share your interests

Start by listing out key elements of your personality you want to highlight on your profile. Even if you’re shy, let people know that! Kelson also suggests thinking of anything that sparks your own interests in a conversation, like some of your favorite shows or hobbies. “From there, you can pick a few things you want people to know so that they can imagine what they can expect from having a coffee or glass of wine with you,” she explains.

Keep your options open

It might be easy to feel extra picky when swiping right or left on Bumble For Friends, but it’s important to try to give people a chance. At least attempt to start a conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally meet IRL. “Remember that you can learn something new from every person you meet—even if you hate them!” says Kelson. “You can learn about yourself through your interactions with them. As long as you continue to learn from others, you will never be wasting your time.”