How to Confidently Move from Connection to Meet-Up on Bumble For Friends

All that time spent swiping and communicating largely in GIFs has finally paid off: You’ve met a potential new bestie. Now what?

Making the match was literally as easy as the swipe of a finger, but moving the conversation offline and into the real world can be an intimidating maneuver to make. To start your friendship off with confidence and nail that first impression, follow our foolproof tips for navigating the transition from match to meet-up.

Enter the safe zone as soon as you can

Trust and respect are the building blocks of every great relationship. Don’t wait until your first meet-up to start developing them. Before you book any brunch reservations, create a safe atmosphere by verifying your profile and having a substantial in-app conversation.

If you’re struggling to plan the perfect outing, read over your match’s bio and refresh your memory on what made you swipe right to begin with. Friendship is a two-way street, so don’t forget to allow your them the chance to suggest their own ideas.

Plan a meet-up that speaks for itself

For most of us, the prospect of holding an hours-long conversation with someone you’ve just met can seem more like an interview than a casual hang. Do yourself a favor by creating a situation in which the convo can basically carry itself.

Skip the coffee shop and try out an activity that gives you something to talk about while you’re doing it — say, a wine tasting class or a wildflower-spotting trail hike. It’ll smooth over any nerves knowing you can lean on the activity to generate common ground and topics of conversation.

Don’t forget to mind your manners

Yes, meeting a friend is a definitely different than meeting a romantic partner. Even so, most tried-and-true first-date etiquette rules still apply and you ought to be on your game in a similar way. It’s always a kind gesture to keep your phone out of sight no matter who you’re spending time with, for example. Simple things go a long way in showing that you value someone’s time. If all goes as well as we think it will, you’ll be sure to share more of it in the future!