How to Cope With Hard Times, According to Your Star Sign

Woman wearing activewear, sitting down with her dog.

by Amelia Quint

If there’s one thing we can all agree on right now, it’s that times are hard. But, as always, the stars are there, twinkling their comfort and helping answer our questions. For centuries, astrology has provided a way for humanity to understand these kinds of sudden changes, as well as a personalized map that shows the way forward. Knowing what your zodiac sign wants and needs can be your first step on the road to feeling good again.

Here’s the secret: Astrology might not be a panacea or a quick fix, but it is a way to get a real, deep understanding of what makes you tick and how you’re likely to react when times get tough. We’re all operating out of deep motivations that we might not even realize, but your star sign can help reveal yours, along with healthy ways for you to cope, no matter what’s happening around you. Read for yourself, and for your loved ones to see how they’re feeling now, too.

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With motivation planet Mars as your ruler, your first impulse in hard times is to leap into action. As the warrior sign, you’re always ready to fight for a cause that you care about. Whether you’re actually the one getting your hands dirty or simply sharing your favorite philanthropies on your social feeds, you never miss an opportunity to stand up for what you support. But your passionate nature means you can overcommit and forget to look after yourself, which can lead to burnout. Know that self-care isn’t selfish — in fact, it’s an essential part of the healing process. When in doubt, take things slow.


Beauty goddess Venus is your patron, which means you struggle with the fact that life isn’t always pretty. Comfort is your superpower, so when things get tough, your instinct is to lean into habits and routines that soothe the senses. On the positive side, this can look like adorning your environment with plenty of candles, flowers, and soft textures. But when it goes haywire, it can veer into oversleeping or numbing out with food. It’s totally normal to want to escape sometimes, but for best results, challenge yourself to find creative ways to do so, like art or music.


You’re a verbal processor, so when hard times hit, your most essential coping strategy is talking about your feelings. That’s because Mercury, the planet of communication, rules your sign. Since we’re social distancing, you could invite your friends for a Zoom cocktail hour or a movie watch party! Geminis are naturally tech-savvy, so a good group chat can work wonders. Or, when you’re offline, a quiet moment of capturing your emotions and experiences in a diary helps you sort out what you’re going through. Your thoughts tend to race, but journaling can be a great practice for slowing things down.


You’re the zodiac’s caretaker, but when hard times hit, remember to take care of number one! Nurturing is your default setting, which is why you’re always the first to check in with your friends and family to make sure they’re okay. Still, make it your mission to give yourself just as much nourishment. You’re the most likely of the signs to stress-bake, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, making food can be a surprisingly constructive creative outlet! With the moon as your ruler, your emotions tend to wax and wane, so give yourself the space you need (literally or figuratively) to feel what you need to feel.


Let’s be honest — your fun-loving sign loves a good party, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to handle a crisis. To the contrary, having the brave sun as your ruler makes you a natural leader who’s happy to step up when your community needs you. Leo is also associated with the heart, and when times get hard, yours is as open as can be. Use your generous hosting skills and gift for performing to keep your friends entertained with virtual karaoke or a dance challenge! For you, play is a major part of your healing process, so let the games begin. 


When times get tough, you’re always prepared, probably because your detail-oriented sign has been dress-rehearsing this crisis for ages. While it’s great to have a backup plan, your best bet when the unexpected strikes is actually to live in the moment as much as possible. You’re ruled by quick-thinking Mercury, which means it’s essential for you to have a healthy mindset. Whether you get there through meditation, deep breathing, exercise, or listening to a podcast that motivates you to be your best self, make sure you have plenty of tools in your self-care toolbox ready to deploy.


With peacemaker Venus in your corner, you’ve got a gift for keeping things balanced in hard times, including yourself. The trick? You look for beauty everywhere, even when things get ugly. Art, music, and movies are your refuge, so keep your favorites on repeat if you need a boost. You also appreciate little luxuries, like taking a bath, adding a few steps to your skincare routine, or dressing up even when no one’s watching. Finally, as the relationship sign, don’t be shy about leaning on loved ones for support! They’ll enjoy receiving love notes from you just as much as you’ll enjoy writing them.


You’re the most intense sign of the zodiac, which is why you need to step up your self-care when the unexpected comes to pass. Your sensitive intuition spikes in a crisis, which helps you know just what to do next but can feel a little overwhelming in the moment. Trust your gut to tell you when it’s time to step back and decompress. When you’re ready to retreat, try setting up a sacred space, whether it’s an altar or just a candle with a scent that relaxes you. Most of all, don’t withdraw completely. Even though you’ve got a hard exoskeleton, staying connected with friends will keep you grounded.


With optimistic Jupiter as your patron, you’re quick to see any struggle as a learning opportunity. For you, knowledge really is power, so honing your skills can help you turn a crisis into a personal challenge — but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If you’re on the front lines or just feeling sad, don’t rush to put a positive spin on things. Instead, make sure to give yourself plenty of encouraging input in the form of books, podcasts, and documentaries that can give your formidable mind something else worthwhile to focus on. Checking out a language app to learn some basics couldn’t hurt!


Your motto when crisis strikes? Work, work, and more work. With tough Saturn as your ruler, you’re no stranger to hard times, so you keep going no matter what comes your way. You’re often the one who people in your circle look to for guidance, so be gentle with them — they might not be as used to living life on this difficulty level as you are. And while you’re at it, be gentle with yourself. It’s not frivolous to take a day off if you need to recover physically, emotionally, or spiritually from whatever’s going on. The truth is that recovery is essential if you want to perform at your peak!


Having surprise planet Uranus as your patron means you’re always ready for the unexpected. Your innovative sign finds comfort in change and is quick to adapt when things go sideways. Aquarius is associated with communities, which is why you’re so good at rallying your friends and colleagues around your favorite humanitarian cause. If you have a platform, you’ll be the first to use it to help people find whatever relief is available. But if it’s a personal transformation you’re struggling with, let your BFFs come to your emotional rescue! You’re always there for them, and they’ll be happy to return the favor.


As the zodiac’s healer, compassion is your strong suit. In times of crisis, you’re the first to lend a helping hand, whether in one of the caring professions or just by being present for the people you love. Creativity is also your domain, so working on artistic projects is a great way for you to recharge your batteries after giving so much of your time and energy to others — not to mention that making things is a kind of service in its own right! Channel your dreams, ideas, and fantasies into building a better future.