What This Eclipse Season Has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

by Amelia Quint

You know those times of year when things really start to ramp up? Chances are, it’s eclipse season! These intense periods come around twice a year to help you make necessary — but not always easy — shifts in your life. It’s a heightened version of the usual lunar cycle, with solar eclipses acting as amplified new moons and lunar eclipses as intensified full moons.

Think of it this way: New moons bring new beginnings, so solar eclipses are opportunities to start completely fresh. On the other hand, full moons shine a spotlight on major accomplishments, so you can expect lunar eclipses to magnify the impact of those milestones. You could also have something that isn’t working “eclipsed” out of your life to make way for a better option!

With emotions running high, you can expect eclipse season to have a major impact on your relationships. Give both your partner and yourself plenty of space to process and time to talk through any feelings that flare up. The biggest gift of eclipses is clarity, so don’t hesitate to share those insights with the ones you love. 

That’s especially true with these eclipses, which happen in communication signs Gemini and Sagittarius. They’re opposite one another in the zodiac, which means they share a theme, which in this case is travel, learning, and connecting with your community. As we get out and explore the world again, it’s only natural that this process would bring powerful feelings along with it.

This eclipse season will serve to help you figure out how you’ll navigate life as things open up. First up, the bold Sagittarius lunar eclipse on May 26 expands your idea of what’s possible. With a square from lucky Jupiter, you could pivot and explore a totally new world. After that, the smart Gemini solar eclipse will help you find a clever solution to a tricky problem. It’s aligned with Mercury retrograde, so revisiting old plans can bring productive new ideas.

What does this eclipse season have in store for your love life, career, and personal growth? Read for your sun and rising sign to find out, then get on Bumble and meet your match!


On May 26, the Sagittarius lunar eclipse casts its shadow on your wanderlust sector, inspiring you to break out of the constraints of the past year and explore the world again in your own way. Even better, an assist from open-minded Jupiter in your spiritual twelfth house means you’ll benefit as much from inner expansion as outer adventures. It’s a great time to take a class, honor another culture, and think beyond borders. 

The Gemini solar eclipse in your well-connected third house on June 10 reveals a clever way to network with kindred spirits. Aligned with Mercury retrograde, this is a gorgeous chance for you to shift the way you text, DM, or otherwise communicate to be more in sync with your sense of humor and ideals. Be yourself, and the right people will find you!


If you’ve been wishing your intimate life was more adventurous, the candid Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your sensual eighth house on May 26 gives you the confidence you need to start that conversation. A square from lucky Jupiter in your friendship zone means someone in your life could become more than that. It’s also the part of the horoscope that rules technology, so you could swipe on someone totally magical! (Alternate scenario? You and a BFF achieve a major friendship milestone!)

The Gemini solar eclipse this month in your money zone will show you a smarter way to earn cash — and to honor what you’re worth. Fueled by Mercury retrograde, you could find a financial solution that’s been right under your nose or rework an existing job to be so much more fulfilling. 


Is it time to make it official? Under the Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your relationship zone on May 26, your primary partnership encounters a make-or-break moment that leaves you stronger, no matter what comes next. If you’re in it for the long-haul, don’t fear! An assist from supportive Jupiter in your reputation sector could find you shouting your love from the rooftops or talking about your five-year ambitions with your partner to make sure they’re aligned.

Best of all, the solar eclipse in your sign on June 10 marks a total fresh start. You can be anyone you want to be, so consider commemorating that with an outer signifier of your inner growth, like a wardrobe refresh. It might be a new look, but aligned with Mercury retrograde, it’s more a return to your true self. 


If you’ve been feeling like work is a grind, the freedom-loving Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your routines sector on May 26 shows you a new workflow that feels so much better. An assist from lucky Jupiter in your expansive ninth house jolts you out of old habits (hello, social media boundaries) and into new territory that’s much more exciting. After this, it’s less a day job and more an exploration mission!

The Gemini solar eclipse in your sleepy twelfth house on June 10 reminds you that recovery time is essential for you to recharge and find your best ideas. Aligned with Mercury retrograde, it’s an excellent moment for a personal retreat or tech break. For best results, turn your away message on and screens off for however long you can swing it.


On May 26, the bold Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your crushes and creativity zone encourages you to make audacious moves in love and art. Send the first message, or post a really daring project you’re proud of. With an assist from lucky Jupiter in your intimate eighth house, you’re ready to get vulnerable and let yourself be seen in all your unedited glory. 

Next up, the Gemini solar eclipse on June 10 in your social sector connects you to the perfect people for where you are in life right now, whether it’s VIPs who can support your work, friends who’ll keep your spirits up, or a social media audience who love your message. Aligned with Mercury retrograde, it’s different from your usual crew, but you love them all the same.


Under the wild Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your heartfelt fourth house on May 26, you finally get to the root of your feelings about home, family, and your own personal history. You won’t have to go it alone thanks to an assist from open-minded Jupiter in your relationship zone. Listen to your partners, even if their perspective is different from your own, and you can find a solution that feels good for everyone involved.

Even better, the Gemini solar eclipse in your career sector on June 10 sparks a genius idea that could fuel your next big achievement. Aligned with Mercury retrograde, it’s probably a revision of something you’ve already started. The raw materials are amazing, and with a few tweaks, you can turn out a shiny new product in no time flat.


With the open-hearted Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your communication zone on May 26, express yourself! If you’ve been putting off any important conversations, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, but be sure to deliver them with care. An assist from lucky Jupiter in your routines sector means that clarity translates to more efficiency in your day-to-day life. When you ask for what you need, you give yourself the chance to actually receive it.

On June 10, the clever Gemini solar eclipse in your intellectual ninth house gives you a platform to show off your ideas, whether it’s in writing, media, or with a new community. Aligned to Mercury retrograde, what you’ve got to say could cause a stir, but trust that it’s also a launchpad to bigger and better things.


Thanks to the expansive Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your money sector on May 26, you figure out a way to stretch your budget or otherwise grow your bank balance, and your confidence follows suit. An assist from lucky Jupiter in your playful fifth house ensures that it’ll feel much more like pleasure than business. After this, you really can make a profit doing what you love!

Later, the curious Gemini solar eclipse in your intimacy zone sparks conversation about the things you share. You could decide to keep certain parts of your life private, or to open up to someone new. With Mercury retrograde involved, be extra cautious with what you post to social media, but stay open to unexpected ways of connecting. This is also about sensuality, so a new relationship paradigm could spice up your love life!   


You’ve been in a slow, steady process of reinventing yourself since last summer, and under the lunar eclipse in your sign on May 26, a major accomplishment or announcement puts finishing touches on that transformation. A square from expansive Jupiter in your emotions zone means you’ll open your heart up wide, but it’s a good stretch. This could also mean relocating—or just redecorating your space to feel more comfortable.

On June 10, the smart Gemini solar eclipse in your relationship zone connects you to one-on-one partners (that’s significant others, bosses, business partners, or best friends) who share your way of thinking — or clarifies your bond with the ones you’ve got. Fueled by Mercury retrograde, you heal past breakups and move forward feeling so understood.


Your pragmatic sign is usually focused on what’s right in front of you, but under the mind-bending Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your spirituality zone on May 26, you slow down long enough to appreciate that life can be truly magical. It’s a great time for a strategic retreat, and thanks to an assist from lucky Jupiter in your communication sector, you parlay that peace and quiet into brilliant plans to take the rest of 2021 by storm.

On June 10, the clever Gemini solar eclipse in your responsible sixth house shows you how to work smarter, not harder. Aligned with Mercury retrograde, take an honest inventory of your habits on the job and see where you can add more fun to your schedule. After this, you’re more productive when you do more of what you love!


On May 26, the free-spirited Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your friendship zone shuffles the decks in your social circle. Yes, you might outgrow a few mates who aren’t riding the same wave as you anymore, but thanks to an assist from lucky Jupiter in your worth zone, your new crew will value what you bring to the table so much more. It sure feels good to be appreciated!

Next up, the curious Gemini solar eclipse in your crushes and creativity zone on June 10 strikes up some seriously romantic conversations. It’s like a magic potion for your flirting skills, but wield those powers of attraction carefully. With Mercury retrograde involved, be smart about swiping and posting on social media, and embrace any unexpected trips down memory lane.


The bold Sagittarius lunar eclipse in your career zone on May 26 gives you unprecedented professional freedom. Whether you get a plum project or decide to become your own boss, an assist from lucky Jupiter in your sign promises this is going to be a massive step up from where you’ve been — one so different you might have to quell some impostor syndrome in the process. Trust you deserve the accolades, and take time to celebrate!

On June 10, the talkative Gemini solar eclipse in your emotions sector means it’s time to open up about whatever you’ve been feeling. Whether you chat with a trusted friend, book a session with a therapist, or just write out your thoughts in a journal, Mercury retrograde aligned to this eclipse promises you’ll excavate some serious personal gems.