Access Free Sexual Trauma Support and Educational Resources Through Bumble, Badoo, and Fruitz With Bloom

We want to do our part to support everyone using our apps, including survivors of sexual harassment, assault, and relationship abuse. That’s why Bumble Inc.’s Bumble, Badoo, and Fruitz apps have teamed up with Bloom to provide our global community with free online educational resources and trauma support, including:

  • Resources created by survivors and trauma-informed therapists such as on-demand courses including “Dating, Boundaries & Relationships”, “Recovering from Toxic & Abusive Relationships”, and “Healing from Sexual Trauma”
  • Opportunity to message members of the Bloom team and discuss learnings from the courses
  • The option to sign up for “Notes from Bloom” to receive twice-weekly messages of positive affirmations to encourage healing

Available in English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Portuguese, and German, if you’re part of the community you can access the program no matter where you are in the world. 

Bloom is run by Chayn, a worldwide nonprofit run by survivors and allies to inform and support the healing of survivors of gender-based violence. Its online resources and services are trauma-informed, intersectional, multi-lingual, and feminist. Chayn’s services have been created intentionally for survivors, by survivors. If you ever experience concerning behaviour on Bumble, please use our Block & Report feature on the app or via the online contact form. Our dedicated safety team is here to help.