The Best First Date Ideas Based on Your Rising Sign

By Amelia Quint

If you aren’t sure what to do for your next first date with a Bumble match, get inspired by your rising sign! In astrology, your rising sign represents the first impression you make. It’s also how you view the world and what comes naturally to you, so planning a date with that in mind is a great way to pick an activity that’ll let your personality shine through. 

Want to know what first date is a perfect match for your rising sign? Read on to find out!

Aries | Go bowling

Competition is your rising sign’s strong suit, but you also want to have fun in the process and be a good sport. Going bowling with your Bumble match lets all those qualities shine through. You’ll both be just as happy getting a strike as you will laughing at each other’s silliest moves and old-school bowling shoes. 

Taurus | Join a gallery tour

You’re a natural curator with an eye for beauty, so why not be your Bumble match’s tour guide at a local art gallery? They’ll love hearing your take on all things aesthetic, and it’s the perfect opportunity to start the kind of cultural conversations that you love most.

Gemini | Visit a coffee shop

For you, first dates are all about discovering your Bumble match’s communication style, so what better place to have a casual chat than your favorite cafe? It’s a simple spot that lets your connection with your date be the main focus. Plus, there’s something intimate about knowing their coffee order!  

Cancer | Organize a picnic in the park

Your rising sign is all about comfort, so head to the park for a classic picnic with your Bumble crush. Set a cozy mood with a soft blanket and a spread of your favorite foods (charcuterie board, anyone?). Better yet, make it a potluck! You can each bring a dish that’s meaningful to you and tell the story behind it.

Leo | Set up a movie night

Your creative rising sign loves the cinema, so opt for a classic movie night. Whether you head to an indie theater, take a trip to the drive-in, or stream something from the couch, it’s a great way to find someone who shares your taste in TV and film—which is an absolute must for your cosmic love compatibility.  

Virgo | Join a pub quiz

Solving puzzles and figuring out the facts is your rising sign’s superpower, so trivia night is a well-suited activity for your first date. You’ll be in your element and can flex your knowledge while you both kick back with your favorite drinks and bar snacks. If you win, it’ll make for a great story later!

Libra | Head to a craft market

It’s no secret that your rising sign is a total romantic. You want flowers, candles, chocolate, and more, so meet up with your Bumble date at a spot where you can get them all in one place: the local market! Browse the stalls and treat each other to sweet, affordable gifts, like a bouquet or vintage jewelry.

Scorpio | Find an escape room

There are few things your rising sign loves more than a good mystery, so show off your sleuthing skills on your first date at an escape room. You crave intense experiences, and you’ll find out if your Bumble match can keep up while you’re exploring a lost city, saving a sinking ship, or investigating a haunted house.

Sagittarius | Take a hike

Instead of sticking with a typical first date at an expensive restaurant, head out into nature and take a hike with your Bumble match. It’ll feel good to get moving together, and going on an outdoor adventure is a total aphrodisiac for your wanderlust-driven rising sign. 

Capricorn | Go on a historic tour

Your rising sign appreciates anything that stands the test of time, and you’re looking for a relationship that’ll do the same. In that spirit, go on a historic tour for your first date, whether that’s a spooky former prison in your town or the site of a famous Civil War battle. The setting will provide lots of conversation fodder—and you’ll love learning local lore.

Aquarius | Volunteer together

You’re always thinking about how to care for your wider social network, which is why volunteering together is a great activity for your first date. You could walk dogs at your local animal shelter, help with  a river cleanup, or ask your Bumble match what causes they’re passionate about for new ideas.

Pisces | Watch some live music

It’s way easier for your sensitive rising sign to relax when there’s an excellent soundtrack, so head out and enjoy some live music with your Bumble match. The excitement of a live performance can help erase those first-date jitters, and you’re at your best on the dance floor.