Summer’s Not Over Yet! Date Ideas For September, By Star Sign

by Amelia Quint

Ok, so Labor Day has come and gone, but don’t be fooled! Summer isn’t over quite yet: in the northern hemisphere, fall doesn’t begin til the equinox on September 23. Call us optimists, but we think there’s plenty of summer fun still to be had. The weather’s still warm, and there’s romance in the air. 

Lucky for you, we’ve collected the best end-of-summer date ideas inspired by your zodiac sign. Read on to find out what the stars have in store for the next few weeks!


Spend a day on the water. Your active sign loves a good challenge, and you need a partner who can follow suit. Spark some healthy competition with your date by trying your hands at something active, like paddleboarding on the lake. Another option? Hopping into a canoe with them is not only super romantic —it’s a great way to see how their teamwork style matches with yours. Looking for something more relaxing? You could go tubing down a local river, or book an elegant dinner cruise.


Visit a vineyard. You have impeccable taste in just about everything, so use this as an opportunity to impress your date with your connoisseur-level knowledge! Nothing less than the best will do, and you deserve a partner who shares your philosophy on the finer things in life. You love taking your time when it comes to love, so savor every moment of the incredible view, delicious wine, and great company. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a perfect pairing.


Go to a drive-up movie. You’re a total pop-culture buff, so this is your ideal first-date conversation starter! Someone who’s as passionate about art as you are will steal your heart in no time. If you want a more niche experience (which you always do), LA’s Cinespia shows cult-classic movies outdoors in the iconic Hollywood Forever cemetery, and guests are encouraged to match their outfit to the film’s theme. If your partner’s costume game is as strong as yours, you’ll know you found a winner.


Grab some ice cream. It’s everything you love in a date: cute, casual, and a little bit old-school. You love a good nostalgia trip, and this totally fits the bill. And let’s be honest, everyone looks adorable trying to eat an ice cream cone before it melts. While you’re enjoying your dessert, you could go for a stroll in the park or visit your town’s main street district. Looking for a healthier option? Frozen yogurt works too! Cover it with tropical fruit for a summer-inspired twist.


Hit the boardwalk. You’re looking for a partner who can play as hard as you do, and an amusement park sets the perfect mood for a fun evening. Lucky for you, the carnival atmosphere instantly takes some first-date awkwardness out of the way. You could take a spin on the ferris wheel, hold hands on a few rides, or convince them to win you a huge teddy bear as a souvenir. Best of all, the colorful lights will make for amazing photos!


Take a hike. If you want a unique alternative to the obvious beach trips, consider heading to the mountains with your date. The cool air feels so refreshing, and spending time in nature gives you the quiet time you need to really bond with someone. If you’ve known them for a while, camping could be a great option. After all, what could be more romantic than sleeping under the stars or watching the sunrise together? 


Treat yourself to a daycation. Remember, it’s okay to want to feel fancy! You love a good hotel robe or a spa visit, so book you and your date in somewhere special. If you’re feeling spontaneous, see if you can find a deal on a same-day hotel rental with a luxe pool. Afterwards, you’ll both feel totally pampered. Besides, there’s nothing better than putting on your out-of-office responder so you can focus on just being with your partner. They’ll appreciate the quality time just as much as you do.


Go nightswimming. There’s nothing your spooky sign loves more than doing things after dark. While everybody enjoys taking a dip in the summer sun, scheduling your romp for the evening makes it even more exciting. Whether you decide to float in a hotel pool or jump into the waves on the beach, the late-night atmosphere is magical. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up skinnydipping! Whatever happens, you’ll certainly leave with some unforgettable memories.


Take a sailing lesson. You’re wild at heart and are looking for someone who sees love as an adventure. That’s why you should live out your pirate fantasies and learn how to sail the high seas together! Besides the beautiful scenery, it’ll be telling to see how they react to learning all the arcane sailors’ lingo or the proper way to tie an especially tricky knot. If they keep a cool head, you know they’ll be a good sport when things start to get real in your relationship, too.


Shop at an open-air market. This month, try turning your amazing knack for finding deals into an unexpected date locale. Whether you hit the flea market to find some junkyard treasures or stop at a high-end vintage trading post in search of some designer steals, you’ll have so much fun seeing what your partner picks out along the way. Even better, maybe you can both snag each other a gift to remember the day by!


See some live music. As the zodiac’s rebel, a good concert is your natural habitat. You’ll be happiest with a free-spirited partner who’s up for dancing all night. You could pack your bags and hit a big festival (look up Chicago’s Riot Fest for rock and punk, or Las Vegas’ Life Is Beautiful for Top 40 acts), but a “music in the park” concert in your hometown could be just as fun. Whatever you do, make sure you and your date see a few up-and-coming acts along with the headliners. Then you’ll both be able to say that you saw them first!


Get drinks at a rooftop bar. It’s classy, simple, and the perfect starting point for a deep conversation. You’re looking for a partner who gets you inside and out, so grab a mai tai and find a spot where you can talk for hours. You might want to grab a few appetizers while you’re at it, because you might be there a while! Bonus points if you go at dusk to watch the sunset fade into the city lights. It might look like the end of a movie, but it’s only the beginning.