How To Change Your Industry: Learn from Elaine Welteroth, Who Shook Up Teen Vogue

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Want to create real change in your industry? There’s no better mentor than Elaine Welteroth, who’s been credited with helping to reshape iconic media property Teen Vogue during her time as editor-in-chief.

As the youngest person (hired at 29) and only the second African-American to hold such a senior position at legendary publishing house Condé Nast, Elaine knows a thing or two about shaking up a staid system.

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“Being yourself, you’re going to stand out — you actually cannot help but stand out,” she told an audience of students at a talk held by the New York Times last year as part of their ‘Get With the Times’ live interview series, which can be seen in full here.

“Your unique perspective that no one else can bring should hopefully help empower you to be your full self.”

For Elaine, overseeing the transformation of Teen Vogue into a relevant, modern title meant — in part, at least — ensuring new, diverse voices were being represented on the masthead.

“That was something I was very diligent about,” she told the audience at the Times event.

“You can’t just change the image or the stories, you need to change the storytellers…what you get when you have diverse players at the table are different priorities.”

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